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Animal Services Health(775) 887-2171
Assessor's Office Assessor(775) 887-2130
Board of Supervisors Board of Supervisors(775) 887-2100
Building Division Community Development(775) 887-2310
Business License Community Development(775) 887-2105
City Manager's Office City Manager(775) 887-2100
Clerk-Recorder's Office Clerk-Recorder(775) 887-2260
Code Enforcement Community Development(775) 887-2599
Cooperative Extension Cooperative Extension(775) 887-2252
District Attorney's Office District Attorney(775) 887-2070
Finance Department Finance(775) 887-2133
Health & Human Services Health(775) 887-2190
Human Resources Human Resources(775) 887-2103
Information Technology Information Technology(775) 887-2160
Juvenile Court Juvenile Court, Juvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2038
Juvenile Probation/Detention Juvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Library Library(775) 887-2244
Public Works Public Works(775) 887-2355
Senior Citizens Center Senior Center(775) 883-0703
Sheriff's Office Sheriff(775) 887-2500
Treasurer's Office Treasurer(775) 887-2092
Aaker, NickiDirectorHealth(775) 887-2190 Email
Abowd, KarenSupervisor, Ward 1Board of Supervisors(775) 283-7582 Email
Acosta, SalInvestigatorSheriff(775) 283-7855 Email
Adams, KimberlyChief Deputy AssessorAssessor(775) 283-7037 Email
Agrella, KevinSenior Water Distribution TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355
Aikins, AlDetention Shift SupervisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Albee, DanTraining CaptainFire(775) 283-7669 Email
Albee, RachelOffice AssistantFire(775) 283-7160 Email
Albertsen, SteveUndersheriffSheriff(775) 283-7802 Email
Albertson, ErickLead Building Maintenance WorkerFinance(775) 283-7127 Email
Albertson, GaryStreet Technician 3Public Works(775) 887-2355
Alegria, VanessaCourt ClerkDistrict Court(775) 283-7031 Email
Alicea, DanielePermit TechnicianCommunity Development(775) 283-7057 Email
Allen, KateDocument Control SpecialistPublic Works(775) 283-7462 Email
Allen, Vicki-DawnJuvenile Services Support Specialist IJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Amundson, RobertStreet Technician 3Public Works(775) 887-2355
Anderson, DanWeed Coordinator (775)283-7035 Email
Anderson, DarrenProject ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7584 Email
Annett, AllenLandfill ForemanPublic Works(775) 283-7447 Email
Antipa, SusanAdult Services LibrarianLibrary(775) 283-7562 Email
Aramburu, DiegoDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Arellano, AbelLandfill Gate Attendant Public Works(775) 882-6066
Armstrong, ThomasJustice of the Peace/Municipal Court JudgeJustice Court(775) 283-7261
Arneson, JohnBattalion Chief, OperationsFire(775) 283-7162 Email
Aschenbach, NoemiBi-Lingual Public Health NurseHealth(775) 283-7907 Email
Ashley, FrancesHIV Services CoordinatorHealth(775) 283-7210 Email
Ashton, TracyCourt Technology Project CoordinatorDistrict Court, Justice Court(775) 283-7257 Email
Attashian, RaffiFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Baca, ReginaFelony DUI Case ManagerAlternative Sentencing(775) 283-7418 Email
Bader, ChrisSenior Fleet Services TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Bagwell, LoriSupervisor, Ward 3Board of Supervisors(775) 283-7144 Email
Baker, CurtisFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Baker, DianeDepartment Business ManagerLibrary(775) 283-7554 Email
Baker, ScottFire CaptainFire(775) 283-7164 Email
Banister, AliDeputy Chief Probation OfficerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Barlow, JudyPublic Health NurseHealth(775) 283-7532 Email
Barosso, AngelaDivision ManagerHealth(775) 283-7217 Email
Barr, LoraleiManagement Assistant IIIFire(775) 283-7145 Email
Bartels, LisaData Entry ClerkDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2072 Email
Baseel, GaryFire Service Technician - HourlyFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Baumann, TamiAdvance Practice NurseHealth(775) 782-9038 Email
Beer, PaulaJuvenile CookJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Bell, KatherineLegal SecretaryDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2072 Email
Belt, StaceyDeputy Emergency ManagerFire(775) 283-7218 Email
Benson, KirtSkilled Trades TechnicianFinance(775) 283-7130
Bergenheier, ElainePublic Disease InvestigatorHealth(775) 283-7538 Email
Berntson, HoustonPatient Care Technician - LeadFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Bero, EricBattalion Chief, EMSFire(775) 283-7166 Email
Bianchi, BenChief Juvenile Probation OfficerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Biasotti, AndySkilled Trades Tech 2Finance(775) 283-7128 Email
Biddle, AllanPark RangerParks(775) 283-7348 Email
Blatnick, KyleLandfill WorkerPublic Works(775) 882-6066
Bloomer, CortneyPublic Health EducatorHealth(775) 283-7525 Email
Boggs, TravisFirefighterFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Bollinger, AnnOpen Space AdministratorParks(775) 283-7337 Email
Bonkowski, BradSupervisor, Ward 2Board of Supervisors(775) 283-7073 Email
Booth, JoeSenior Street TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355
Boothe, Dustin Division ManagerHealth(775) 283-7220 Email
Botello, GilbertoPark Maintenance Worker 2Parks(775) 283-7339
Bottoms, DuanePark Operations CoordinatorParks(775) 283-7338 Email
Bowers, KeithStreet Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Bradshaw, JeffWastewater Plant Mechanic Public Works(775) 283-7442 Email
Breuer, TinaJudicial Clerk, Juvenile DivisionJuvenile Court(775) 887-2038
Brode-Lupo, TheresaLandfill Gate Attendant Public Works(775) 882-6066
Broersma, RhiannonEmergency Medical Technian - Part TimeFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Broward, SteveStreet Technician 3Public Works(775) 887-2355
Brown, JackStreet Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Brown, NickWater Distribution ForemanPublic Works(775) 283-7366 Email
Bruketta, DavidUtility ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7357 Email
Bruketta, MelanieDirector of Human ResourcesHuman Resources(775) 283-7088 Email
Busse, JanetDepartment Business ManagerCity Manager(775) 283-7124 Email
Butler, CurtisWater DistributionTechnician 1Public Works(775) 887-2355
Butler, HeatherYouth Services LibrarianLibrary(775) 283-7599 Email
Calvan, PatrickBusiness Systems AnalystInformation Technology(775) 283-7476 Email
Canne, MikeDetention Shift SupervisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Caras, LanceDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Carlson, PerryFuels Management AssistantFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Carter, JoeWastewater Plant MechanicPublic Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Cassinelli, JacqueHuman Resources GeneralistHuman Resources(775) 283-7043 Email
Catlett, JeffStreet Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Cauhape, ValeriePublic Health Program SpecialistHealth(775) 283-7900 Email
Chandler, VickyManagement AssistantHealth(775) 283-7529 Email
Chapman, ScottRecreation Sports Program SupervisorRecreation(775) 283-7429 Email
Charles, BobDeputy ChiefFire(775) 283-7146 Email
Christiansen, KimOffice ManagerDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2070 Email
Churchward, JenniferDocument Control SpecialistPublic Works(775) 283-7409 Email
Chwalisz, EvaManagement Assistant 6Community Development(775) 283-7080 Email
Clapham, MattJuvenile Probation OfficerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Clapham, NicoleOffice ManagerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Clark, RobinJudical Clerk, Juvenile DivisionJuvenile Court(775) 887-2038
Clemmensen, KarynPublic Health NurseHealth(775) 887-2195 Email
Colatorti, JimDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Coleman, ShaneWastewater Plant MechanicPublic Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Collier, ScottWater Production Operator 2Public Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Colome, EmilyPatient Care Technician - HourlyFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Cook, RobbieFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Cooley, RickConstruction ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7302 Email
Cooper, CristalCourt ClerkDistrict Court(775) 283-7121 Email
Copp, JoshSenior Sewer Technician Public Works(775) 887-2355
Corbit, JunePublic Health NurseHealth(775) 283-7903 Email
Cortes, MaxineCourt AdministratorDistrict Court, Justice Court(775) 283-7249 Email
Costello, JohnPark Ranger (775)283-7331 Email
Cox, GeorgeSewer Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Cram, BruceLandfill Worker Public Works(775) 882-6066
Crawford, SuzanneVictim-Witness CoordinatorDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2268 Email
Crowell, RobertMayorBoard of Supervisors(775) 283-7550 Email
Danen, JasonFire CaptainFire(775) 283-7120 Email
Daniel, TawnyaCourt ClerkJustice Court(775) 283-7259 Email
Daniels, SharonChief - Career DevelopmentSheriff(775) 283-7805 Email
Dantzler, FranYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Davies, JeffFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Davis, ScottDeputy Chief of DetentionJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Dawley, DaveAssessorAssessor(775) 283-7039 Email
DeHaven, TimFire CaptainFire(775) 283-7193 Email
Delich, JaneDeputy ClerkClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2087 x7330
Devall, DebbieAccounting ManagerFinance(775) 283-7139 Email
Devaney, SandraSenior Library AssistantLibrary(775) 283-7543 Email
Deveraux, ShaneBuilding Maintenance Worker 2Finance(775) 283-7127
DeZerga, AdaWIC SpecialistHealth(775) 782-4430 Email
Diamond, JenniferWastewater Plant Operator Public Works(775) 283-7441 Email
Dollarhide, GrahamTransit CoordinatorPublic Works(775) 283-7583 Email
Donnelly, MattFire CaptainFire(775) 283-7175 Email
Doran, JohnPark Operations CoordinatorParks(775) 283-7344 Email
Dorr Pansky, SusanPlanning ManagerCommunity Development(775) 283-7076 Email
Doyal, BrianCivil Designer Public Works(775) 283-7369 Email
Drescher, SteveFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Dubois, TiffanyManagement AssistantHealth(775) 283-7540 Email
Dunn, SheriRecruitment AnalystHuman Resources775-283-7241 Email
Duque-Jones, CharlineAccountantTreasurer(775) 283-7432 Email
Durkee, LindaDeputy RecorderClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2260 x 7064 Email
Easterling, JohnFire CaptainFire(775) 283-7667 Email
Echeverria, LukeWater Distribution Technician 1Public Works(775) 887-2355
Eggert, CherylRecords ClerkClerk-Recorder775-283-7107 Email
Eisenmesser, BrettMedical DirectorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Eisner, DaveSewer Technician 1Public Works(775) 887-2355
Elder, BrianAssistant Project ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7586 Email
Eliasen, KristinChemistPublic Works(775) 283-7443 Email
Elliott, BobEnvironmental Health SpecialistHealth(775) 283-7225 Email
Ellis, LynnWorkforce Case ManagerHealth(775) 283-7579 Email
EnEarl, ChristineYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Engels, Eric Street Technician 3Public Works(775) 887-2355
Engels, KenFire Service Technician - HourlyFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Estes, JimWater Production Operator 2Public Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Estrada, HectorCommunications Technician Public Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Evans, ShannonHuman Resources GeneralistHuman Resources(775) 283-7141 Email
Felix, RyanJuvenile Probation OfficerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Fellows, RobbSenior Project Manager - StormwaterPublic Works(775) 283-7370 Email
Fischer, CarinCourt Fiscal Services ManagerDistrict Court, Justice Court(775) 283-7114 Email
Fleckenstein, ConnieDeputy Public GuardianPublic Guardian (775) 887-2295 x 7016 Email
Fletcher, TadChiefAlternative Sentencing(775) 283-7029 Email
Fong, DougSenior Traffic Systems TechnicianPublic Works(775) 283-7371 Email
Fonseca, NancyManagement AssistantHealth(775) 782-9038 Email
Foster, JimSkilled Trades Tech 2Finance(775) 283-7133 Email
Frager, George Senior Traffic Systems TechnicianPublic Works(775) 283-7372 Email
Franz, ChrisCourt ClerkDistrict Court(775) 283-7116 Email
Freeman, MikeAquatic Program ManagerRecreation(775) 283-7351 Email
Friedlander, JeffFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Fuhrman, DanFirefighterFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Furlong, KenSheriffSheriff(775) 283-7800 Email
Galas, VeronicaDivision ManagerHealth(775) 283-7620 Email
Gameros, ElizabethPatient Care TechnicianFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Ganger, PamalaAccounting ManagerFinance(775) 283-7176 Email
Gardner, JasonFirefighterFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Garrett, GaryFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Gelbman, DanFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Getz, SteveSkilled Trades TechnicianFinance(775) 283-7411
Gillott, DeniseChief AppraiserAssessor(775) 283-7044 Email
Glancy, TimParks & Cemetery CoordinatorParks(775) 887-2111 Email
Godtfredsen, CarolCommunity Education CoordinatorHealth(775) 283-7226 Email
Goering, DirkTransportation PlannerPublic Works(775) 283-7431 Email
Gomes, DanInvestigatorSheriff(775) 283-7852 Email
Gonzales, MeliahDistrict Court BailiffDistrict Court(775) 283-7023 Email
Gonzalez, LorenaYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Good, ZachFleet Services SupervisorPublic Works(775) 283-7360 Email
Gordon, TomWarehouse Supply CoordinatorPublic Works(775) 283-7373 Email
Gower, CindySenior Office SpecialistPublic Works(775) 283-7374 Email
Gower, MitchLandfill Worker Public Works(775) 882-6066
Gray, RandallWastewater Operations SupervisorPublic Works(775) 283-7445 Email
Green, KatheAssistant PlannerCommunity Development(775) 283-7071 Email
Gregg, AnaWIC SpecialistHealth(775) 283-7530 Email
Gribble, ChristieCourt ClerkDistrict Court(775) 283-7477 Email
Grundy, TomSenior Project ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7081 Email
Gutierrez, MaribelJudicial Assistant, Juvenile DivisionJuvenile Court(775) 887-2038
Haakinson, RogerSenior Library AssistantLibrary(775) 283-7589
Hacking, JamesStreet Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Hale, KellyEnvironmental Control ForemanPublic Works(775) 283-7376 Email
Hale, Martin BailiffJuvenile Court(775) 283-7664 Email
Hardcastle, RichFleet Services ForemanPublic Works(775) 283-7436 Email
Harkleroad, JulieCourt ClerkDistrict Court(775) 283-7117 Email
Harns, ChadFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Hasty, ShaunAdvance Practice NurseHealth(775) 782-9038 Email
Haynes, FrankeeVictim-Witness CoordinatorDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2268 Email
Haynie, KathiProject CoordinatorHealth(775) 283-7906 Email
Heath, KathieChief Financial OfficerSheriff(775) 283-7811 Email
Henry, JuneClericalHealth(775) 887-2195 Email
Herring, AnnaOffice Support TechnicianDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2072 Email
Hicks, Stephanie Real Property ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7904 Email
Higgins, JolieCourt Clerk SupervisorDistrict Court(775) 283-7118 Email
Hill, CarolManagement Assistant IIFire(775) 283-7151 Email
Hinojosa, EdgarSenior Fleet Services TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Hogen, RoryAssistant Project ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7082 Email
Holland, ShelleyClerical HourlyFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Holloway, MaggieAdvance Practice NurseHealth(775) 283-7534 Email
Horton, CurtisOperations Manager - Public WorksPublic Works(775) 283-7378 Email
Horton, Lee AnnFire InspectorFire(775) 283-7152 Email
Horton, MicahFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Hotaling, VanettePublic Health NurseHealth(775) 283-7533 Email
Houston, RobinDeputy RecorderClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2260 x 7066 Email
Howe, TravisDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Huck, Beth Assistant TreasurerTreasurer(775) 283-7433 Email
Hughes, AlexFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Hughes, WilliamYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Hunt, BryonDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Ide, Jerry LynnChief Deputy RecorderClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2260 x 7067 Email
Ingram, Jack Senior Street TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355
Irwin, MarkSenior Environmental Control OfficerPublic Works(775) 283-7380 Email
Jacklett, JamesOperations Manager - Control SystemsPublic Works(775) 283-7381 Email
Jackson, ErinJuvenile Probation OfficerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Jeffries, AngelaJudicial Assistant, Deptartment 1District Court(775) 283-7113 Email
Jennings, TamiRecreation Cooridinator (Aquatics)Recreation(775) 283-7352 Email
Jesse, TylerSystem TechnicianPublic Works(775) 283-7392 Email
Jimenez, AnaFiscal Grants AnalystHealth(775) 283-7228 Email
Johnson, DaveHealth Program SpecialistHealth(775) 283-7539 Email
Johnson, SarahYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Jones, DillonLandfill WorkerPublic Works(775) 882-6066
Jost, TedWater Production Operator 3Public Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Kastens, DanSports Field CoordinatorParks(775) 283-7339
Keillor, Janice Grants AdministratorFinance(775) 283-7069 Email
Keller, EricInstrumentation TechnicianPublic Works(775) 283-7301 Email
Kelly, ShadowWater Meter Technician Public Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Kesler, ScottFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
King, Greg Street Technician 3Public Works(775) 887-2355
King, KathleenChief Deputy ClerkClerk-Recorder(775) 283-7412 Email
Kleinbach, BenFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Klug, EricCommunity Center Program ManagerRecreation(775) 283-7421 Email
Kochamp, PatriciaLandfill Gate AttendantPublic Works(775) 882-6066
Kokenge, TommyFirefighterFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Krahn, VernSenior Park PlannerParks(775) 283-7343 Email
Kramer, LeahAccounting TechnicianTreasurer(775) 283-7041 Email
Laaker, John Street Technician 3Public Works(775) 887-2355
Lambert, BartDAS OfficerAlternative Sentencing(775)887-2528 Email
LaPaille, RenayDetention Shift SupervisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Lawlor, LindaJuvenile Probation OfficerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Lawrence, KathiJuvenile Services Support Specialist IIJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Lee, GinaBusiness Systems AnalystInformation Technology(775) 283-7001 Email
Leet, KarenDepartment Business ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7388 Email
LeGros, DaveInvestigatorSheriff(775) 283-7853 Email
Lemons, ShylaEngineering Technician Public Works(775) 283-7083 Email
Linscott, JeffFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Livesay, AprilReservation CoordinatorParks(775) 283-7425 Email
Lobato, CristinaDAS Recovery TechnicianDistrict Court, Justice Court(775) 283-7021 Email
Lopez, JulioCourt MarshalJustice Court(775) 283-7267 Email
Lopez, SylviaCourt Clerk SupervisorJustice Court(775) 283-7255 Email
Lowe, LeanneUtility Billing SpecialistPublic Works(775) 283-7358 Email
Loyd, SenaLibrary DirectorLibrary(775) 283-7591 Email
Loyola, MirnaCourt ClerkJustice Court(775) 283-7254 Email
Lucia, TravisDeputy District AttorneyDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2072 Email
Lutu, JamesYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Machado, CaronPersonal Property AppraiserAssessor(775) 283-7054 Email
Macias, EdgarYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
MacLellan, NathanDeputy District AttorneyDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2072 Email
Madden, Mary-MargaretSenior Deputy District AttorneyDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2072 Email
Madey, MikeFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Malone, LynnDeputy Public GuardianPublic Guardian (775) 887-2295 x 7353 Email
Mandel, HeatherAccounting TechnicianTreasurer(775) 283-7435 Email
Marano, NickCity ManagerCity Manager(775) 283-7062 Email
March, RachelSenior Library AssistantLibrary(775) 283-7588 Email
Marshall, DarleneRecreation Head LifeguardRecreation(775) 887-2242 Email
Marsteller, RobertDAS OfficerAlternative Sentencing(775)887-2528 Email
Martin, ElizabethManagement AssistantSheriff(775) 283-7851 Email
Marzoline, LSW, DeborahPublic Guardian Public Guardian (775) 887-2295 x 7354 Email
Mason, ChrisDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Mason, SteveSkilled Trades TechnicianFinance(775) 283-7129
Massow, DonProperty Appraiser Assessor(775) 283-7051 Email
Mathiesen, BrandonWater Production ForemanPublic Works(775) 283-7356 Email
McCain, EdwardPark Maintenance Worker 2Parks(775) 283-7339
McCoy, KevinSenior Compliance OfficerCommunity Development(775) 283-7229 Email
McGoodwin, JeffWastewater Plant Mechanic Public Works(775) 283-7446 Email
McGuire, ShannonPatient Care TechnicianFire(775) 887-2210
McKinley, MilaniCivil Division ManagerSheriff(775) 283-7825 Email
Meitzner, BobBuilding Mainteance Worker 2Finance(775) 283-7127
Melvin, JeffCaptainSheriff(775) 283-7814 Email
Mendoza, EfrenJuvenile Probation OfficerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Merritt, MattFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Merriwether, Susan (Sue)Clerk-RecorderClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2087 Email
Meyer, Cecilia Risk Management CoordinatorFinance(775) 283-7484 Email
Michaut, DaveStructural InspectorPublic Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Miguel, TonySenior Fleet Services TechnicianPublic Works(775) 283-7439 Email
Mihelic, BradDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Milholland, Clark IT Systems TechnicianInformation Technology  Email
Mills, AlanaAccounting ClerkFinance(775) 283-7426 Email
Mills, CindyFiscal AnalystPublic Works(775) 283-7138 Email
Mitchell, ToddSewer ForemanPublic Works(775) 283-7383 Email
Moellendorf, RogerParks and Recreation DirectorParks(775) 283-7345 Email
Moore, AndreaLibrarianLibrary(775) 283-7593 Email
Moore, JasonStreet Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Moreno, BryanInstrumentation TechnicianPublic Works(775) 283-7385 Email
Moreno, KarenClinic ClericalHealth(775) 782-9038 Email
Morgan, SteveDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Morris, JimProject ManagerPublic Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Mournighan, FrankDetention Shift SupervisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Mracek, KarinCommunications ManagerSheriff(775) 887-2570 x221 Email
Mudgett, AngelaDAS TechnicianAlternative Sentencing(775) 283-7508 Email
Munoz, AidaClinic ClericalHealth(775) 283-7536 Email
Munoz, Cassidy Parks, Recreation and Open Space Office Specialist (775)283-7342 Email
Munoz, GuillermoEngineering InternPublic Works(775) 887-2300 Email
Navarro, DavidParks Operation ManagerParks(775) 283-7346 Email
Navarro, DesiIT Systems TechnicianInformation Technology  Email
Neep, BeckieAdministrative AssistantSheriff(775) 283-7806 Email
Nichols, LeslieCourt ClerkJustice Court(775) 283-7260 Email
Noftsker, CharlesSenior Street TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355
Novakovich, JeffFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Nyberg, KevinFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
O'Brien, ScottFirefghterFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Okezie, KimberlySpecial Master, Juvenile DivisionJuvenile Court(775) 887-2038
Olson, SteveInvestigatorSheriff(775) 283-7856 Email
Ostrander, Mary JaneDivision ManagerHealth(775) 283-7234 Email
Otero, SergioBuilding Maintenance Worker 2Finance(775) 283-7127
Ottinger, DebraCivil Designer Public Works(775) 283-7535 Email
Palmer, RitWater Operations SupervisorPublic Works(775) 283-7393 Email
Park, DaveDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Paulson, NancyChief Financial OfficerFinance(775) 283-7142 Email
Peach, BarbaraHuman Resources GeneralistHuman Resources(775) 283-7546 Email
Peck, KenSenior Environmental Control Officer Public Works(775) 283-7390 Email
Pedrini, JonFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Peka, KrystynaYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Petri, TonyaUtility Billing SpecialistPublic Works(775) 283-7408 Email
Petty, CoryFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Phelps, Elizabeth (Beth)Deputy ClerkClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2084 x7334 Email
Phillips, JayeRecreation Youth Program Supervisor (775) 283-7428 Email
Pier, CameronSewer Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Pittenger, PatrickTransportation ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7396 Email
Planeta, TracyDebt Recovery TechinicianDistrict Court, Justice Court(775) 283-7025 Email
Planning Division Community Development(775) 887-2180
Platt, JohnSenior Construction InspectorPublic Works(775) 283-7375 Email
Plemel, LeeCommunity Development DirectorCommunity Development(775) 283-7075 Email
Porcari, RachaelManagement AssistantCity Manager(775) 283-7125 Email
Porter, BrettFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Porter, MelanieDeputy District AttorneyDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2072 Email
Potter, MelissaAccounts PayableFinance(775) 283-7136 Email
Pottéy, Stephen Project ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7079 Email
Pouard, Mark Street Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Powell, GinnyLegal SecretaryDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2072 Email
Pradere, KristenManagement Assistant IIIFire(775) 283-7160
Price, RhondaOffice SpecialistAssessor(775) 283-7471 Email
Purkey, BeckyEnvironmental Health SpecialistHealth(775) 283-7524 Email
Putz, AmberCourt ClerkJustice Court(775) 283-7256 Email
Quilici, JimFire CaptainFire(775) 283-7202 Email
Radtke, TaylorMRC CoordinatorHealth(775) 283-7908 Email
Ramirez, RudolfoInvestigatorDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2098 Email
Rapisora, MikeJuvenile Probation OfficerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Rasner, RachaelPublic Health NurseHealth(775) 283-7503 Email
Raw, TomFire CaptainFire(775) 283-7668 Email
Redwine, NickConstruction InspectorPublic Works(775) 283-7949 Email
Reed, RonFacilities Maintenance ManagerFinance(775) 283-7134 Email
Reid, JeradWater Meter Technician Public Works(775) 887-2355
Reseck, LenaSenior Permit TechnicianCommunity Development(775) 283-7059 Email
Reyna, Joe Water Distribution Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Rhines, RuthSenior Deputy CoronerSheriff(775) 283-7863 Email
Richardson, NateWater Distribution Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Riches, TorreyFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Riggin, KevinYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2034
Riordan, CharliOffice SpecialistPublic Works(775) 283-7399 Email
Roach, AudreyCourt ClerkJustice Court(775) 887-2121 Email
Robertson, GayleTreasurerTreasurer(775) 283-7434 Email
Robertson, PatService Technician - HourlyFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Rochelle, TimFuels Managment CoordinatorFire(775) 283-7161 Email
Rodriguez-Chavez, AdrianaManagement AssistantHealth(775) 283-7536 Email
Rosenkoetter, DavidCivil Design SupervisorPublic Works(775) 283-7400 Email
Rotter, DannyEngineering ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7084 Email
Rowlatt, AubreyChief Deputy ClerkClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2087 x 7333 Email
Royal, ScottProject LeaderInformation Technology(775) 283-7005 Email
Ruben, DaveFire Prevention CaptainFire(775) 283-7153 Email
Ruelas, BelenDAS TechAlternative Sentencing(775) 887-2528 Email
Ruiz, HazelWIC SpecialistHealth(775) 283-7233 Email
Rush, KathyAccess Services LibrarianLibrary(775) 283-7581 Email
Russell, James T.District Court JudgeDistrict Court(775) 882-1996 Email
Russell, SheriDeputy Chief Financial OfficerFinance(775) 283-7222 Email
Rutherford, BruceSenior Fleet Services TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Ryba, JustinDAS OfficerAlternative Sentencing(775) 283-7022 Email
Saavedra, ClaudiaCommunity Service Coordinator/Office ManagerAlternative Sentencing(775) 283-7030 Email
Salassi, PamPublic Health EducatorHealth(775) 283-7109 Email
Salazar, SteveStreet Technician 1Public Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Salogga, MichaelBusiness Resource ManagerCity Manager(775) 283-7122 Email
Sandage, KenCaptainSheriff(775) 283-7850 Email
Sandoval, CrystalJudicial ClerkJustice Court(775) 283-7252 Email
Santillo, CherieManagement AssistantHealth(775) 283-7576 Email
Santos, MikeFire CaptainFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Saposnek, Jeremy Property AppraiserAssessor(775) 283-7038 Email
Saunders, SamFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Saylo, RayAssistant SheriffSheriff(775) 283-7803 Email
Saylor, TylerIT Systems TechnicianInformation Technology  Email
Schreihans, BobFire ChiefFire(775) 283-7209 Email
Schroeder, RichardStreet Technician 3Public Works(775) 887-2355
Schueller, LoraHuman Resources GeneralistHuman Resources(775) 283-7239 Email
Schulz, DarrenPublic Works DirectorPublic Works(775) 283-7391 Email
Schulz, JeffSewer Technician 1Public Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Security Desk, Courthouse Alternative Sentencing, District Court, Justice Court(775) 283-7203
Seiler, ElisaSenior Library AssistantLibrary(775) 283-7597 Email
Sewell, JazmynYouth AdvisorJuvenile Detention-Probation775-887-2034
Shannon, KenGIS Analyst Assessor(775) 283-7404 Email
Sharp, AlanFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Shirey, DanBattalion Chief, TrainingFire(775) 283-7157 Email
Shirk, JimSupervisor, Ward 4Board of Supervisors(775) 720-5761 Email
Simpson, MarkWastewater Plant OperatorPublic Works(775) 283-7449 Email
Smith, JenniferPublic Health NurseHealth(775) 782-9038 Email
Soracco, MeaganRecreation Program Manager Recreation(775) 283-7422 Email
Speegle, DougInvestigatorSheriff(775) 283-7858 Email
Stanford, BobFirefighterFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Stein, Kevin Network AnalystInformation Technology(775) 283-7006 Email
Stevens, KerryLandfill Worker Public Works(775) 882-6066
Stevenson, JamiePayroll AdministratorFinance(775) 283-7485 Email
Stone, JohnRecords ManagerClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2217 x 7417 Email
Stoner, MichellePHP ClericalHealth(775) 283-7518 Email
Stowe, AustinFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Sulli, NickSewer Technician 1Public Works(775) 887-2355
Swanson, TerrySenior Street TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355
Swift, HaleyLibrary AssistantLibrary(775) 283-7598 Email
Tadman, LauraPurchasing and Contracts AdministratorFinance(775) 283-7137 Email
Tarulli, TomAssistant Fire ChiefFire(775) 283-7159 Email
Tatro, JohnJustice of the Peace/Municipal Court JudgeJustice Court(775) 283-7261
Temple, RodFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Thicke, MichaelSenior Water Distribution Technician Public Works(775) 887-2355
Thompson, ReaOffice Technician 2Community Development(775) 283-7078 Email
Tiearney, JustinStreets ForemanPublic Works(775) 283-7377 Email
Tiearney, NathanWater Distribution Technician 1Public Works(775) 887-2355 Email
Tinajero, MarthaCourt ClerkJustice Court(775) 283-7264 Email
Tomasco, JohnSenior Street TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355
Torres, BrendaCourt ClerkJustice Court(775) 283-7265 Email
Tristao, JasonFirefighterFire(775) 887-2210 Email
Truell, Jesse Water Meter Technician Public Works(775) 887-2355
Ure, MarissaEnvironmental Health SpecialistHealth(775) 283-7227 Email
Urrutia, TonyJuvenile Probation OfficerJuvenile Detention-Probation(775) 887-2033
Vazquez, TimCourt MarshalJustice Court(775) 283-7266 Email
Voeltz, JeffWater Production Operator 4Public Works(775) 887-2355 Email
VonSchimmelmann, EricChief Information OfficerInformation Technology(775) 283-7007 Email
Wade, ChrisWastewater Plant OperatorPublic Works(775) 283-7448 Email
Wakeling, EvelynCourt InterpreterDistrict Court, Justice Court(775) 283-7478 Email
Wall, ClayCaptainSheriff(775) 283-7885 Email
Walt, MollySenior Library AssistantLibrary(775) 283-7587 Email
Ward, JosephSenior Deputy District AttorneyDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2070 Email
Warne, DanPark RangerParks(775) 283-7339
Warren, TamarCouncil and Commission ReporterClerk-Recorder(775) 283-7112 Email
Welch-Phillips, JoManagement AssistantHealth(775) 283-7580 Email
Wells, CarolDeputy ClerkClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2284 x7414 Email
Werlinger, ElaineCirculation SupervisorLibrary(775) 887-2244 x1020 Email
Wheeler, Sabrina Business License TechnicianCommunity Development(775) 283-7040 Email
Whitaker, DaveWastewater Plant Mechanic Public Works(775) 283-7450 Email
White, AubreyLibrary AssistantLibrary(775) 283-7595 Email
White, HansSenior Fleet Services TechnicianPublic Works(775) 887-2355 Email
White, JimFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210 Email
White, KarenAccount TechnicianPublic Works(775) 283-7410 Email
White, RobertCaptainSheriff(775) 283-7840 Email
Whitson, JanaLegal SecretaryDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2070 Email
Wiese, ShawnElectrical Communications ForemanPublic Works(775) 283-7552 Email
Wilkinson, Richard Senior Natural Resources Specialist (775)283-7341 Email
Williams, JamesSystems AdministratorInformation Technology(775) 283-7008 Email
Williams, JustinSkilled Trades TechnicianFinance(775) 283-7131
Wilson, Jr., James E.District Court JudgeDistrict Court(775) 882-1619
Winder, GinaJudicial Assistant, Department 2District Court(775) 283-7570 Email
Wirth, DariaParks and Recreation Department Business ManagerParks(775) 283-7347 Email
Wise, UriahWater Production Operator 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Wood, GaryStreet Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Woomber, DannDAS OfficerAlternative Sentencing(775) 887-2528 Email
Wright, RobertDAS OfficerAlternative Sentencing(775) 887-2528 Email
Yang, WendyJudicial AssistantJustice Court(775) 283-7261 Email
Yasumoto, SylviaDeputy ClerkClerk-Recorder(775) 887-2087 x7336 Email
Zacha, MarkDistrict Court BailiffDistrict Court(775) 283-7501 Email
Zuend, TerrellCemetery Maintenance WorkerParks(775) 887-2111