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Shade Tree Council

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  • 5:30 p.m.
  • First Wednesday of Every Other month (February, April, June, August, October and December)
  • Community Center, Sierra Room
    851 East William Street 

Agendas & Minutes

Committee Members & Terms

  • Gianna Marie Shirk (Chair 2014)
    Current term expires 1/2016
    Initial appointment 3/2007
    Reappointed 1/2008, 1/2010, 1/2012, 1/2014
  •  Terrill Ozawa
    Current term expires: until successor is chosen
    Initial appointment 4/2004
    Reappointed 1/2005, 1/2007, 1/2009, 3/2011, 1/2013 
  • Gary Borst
    Current term expires 1/2016
    Initial appointment 1/2014
  • Roy Trenoweth
    Current Term Expires: until successor is chosen
    Initial appointment 10/2002
    Reappointed 1/2003, 1/2005, 1/2007, 1/2009, 3/2011, 12/2012
  • Jens Peermann
    Current Term Expires 1/2016
    Initial Appointment 08/2013
    Reappointed 1/2014

Powers & Duties

The Shade Tree Council ordinance establishes policies, regulations and standards necessary to ensure Carson City will realize the benefit provided by its community forest.  Some of the provisions of this ordinance are: establish and maintain tree cover on public and private lands; maintain public trees in a safe and healthy condition; establish appropriate diversity in tree species; and promote conservation of healthy trees.

Additional Information

Contact Us

Jennifer Budge, Director
Parks and Recreation Administration
3303 Butti Way, #9
Carson City, NV  89701
(775) 887-2262