• Carson City

    Credit: Sara Bingham

  • Winter Light

    Credit: Gina Lee

  • Nevada Governor's Mansion

    Credit: Tony Dellacioppa

  • Snow Day

    Credit: Alexandra Smith

  • The Glenbrook

    Credit: Albert Depew

  • Proud to be Snow-covered

    Credit: Jayson Berry Hunt

  • Carson River Morning

    Credit: Robert Moore

  • Winter Sunset

    Credit: Steve Ferguson

Silver State Fair Housing Council


The Silver State Fair Housing Council (SSFHC) advocates for fair housing by providing a comprehensive program of outreach, education, and enforcement activities.  By addressing the needs of housing consumers, housing providers, and local governments, SSFHC works to break down barriers to equal housing opportunity and build opportunities for community members to relate to each other as neighbors.  The agency offers services to ensure equal housing opportunity regardless of:

Race, Color, Religion, National Origin (Ancestry), Sex, Family Status, Disability, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity or Expression.
Contact Info:

Southern Nevada Office: (702) 749-3288
Northern Nevada Office: (775) 324-0990
toll-free: (888) 585-8634
Relay Nevada 711


Fair Housing Statement

Silver State Fair Housing Council website