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Business Success Stories: Carson City Redevelopment

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Adele’s Restaurant and Lounge
A significant remodel of Adele’s Restaurant and Lounge, an anchor restaurant in the northern hub of the downtown redevelopment district, has substantially improved the nationally recognized and award winning restaurant. Handicapped access, parking lot improvements, aesthetic upgrades relating to landscaping, utility lines and delivery access all contribute to improved function and economic vitality.

Project highlights:

  • Recognized by the “Wine Spectator” Award of Excellence, winner of the prestigious DiRona Award and participant at the James Beard House, the fine dining offered by Adele’s has been and will continue to be a large draw for tourists and locals alike, improvements better serve the market.
  • The building is a historic landmark, improvements have extended the life of the historic structure
  • New summer/fall outdoor seating has increased restaurant capacity and contributes to an engaging downtown feel
  • Live music, weekly planned events and special events hosted in the restaurant’s parking lot promote downtown activity
  • Ten additional primary jobs were created
Bliss Mansion
A complete remodel and renovation of one of the State’s most significant historic homes was completed in 1996, transforming the Bliss Mansion into a world class destination.  Aggressive redevelopment support not only included monetary aid, but also support through building approval processes and zone changes. Today Bliss Mansion offers visitors a quaint bed and breakfast experience in its nearby bungalows.

Project highlights:
  • Full remodel of historic home’s infrastructure
  • Full remodel of finishes, in concert with period elements
  • Building health and safety code infrastructure improvements
  • Rebuild of porches and old brick reface
  • Refurbished landscaping, walkways and signage
  • Full wireless internet and video systems
  • Property enhancements add to the State of Nevada’s Blue Line waking tour
  • Generated increased pedestrian traffic in the Redevelopment District
  • Created 15 new full time jobs
  • Fully ADA compliant
Lucky Spur / Stew’s Microbrewery
Significant public investment to assist Stew’s Corporation with its effort to preserve and renovate an important anchor in the central hub of our historic downtown was awarded in 2005. The rehabilitation and restoration of the Lucky Spur Casino (vacant for more than 20 years) into Stew’s Sportatorium and Microbrewery is an explicit example of the effective private/public partnerships that help to ensure long-term business success. A complete renovation of the space to accommodate a bar, nightclub, restaurant and fully function microbrewery has not only crated 75 new primary jobs, but has added to the emerging mix of vital, life giving businesses to Carson City’s downtown. Additionally, sidewalks, lighting, parking improvements have also been made. Carson City’s historic downtown is our central business and entertainment district with a variety of shops and restaurants supported by a diversified clientele.

Project highlights:
  • Revitalization of a blighted eyesore in the center of downtown
  • 75 new primary jobs
  • Seismic retrofit, engineering, architecture, building rehabilitation and renovation, new roofs, insulation, electrical, floors, ceilings, HVAC, re-plastering, painting, lighting, stairwells, sprinklers, and other changes to bring the building up to current fire and safety codes and its highest and best use.
  • Local entrepreneurs forwarded and currently run the operation
  • Fully functioning and widely acclaimed microbrewery has captured the attention area connoisseurs and has earned rave reviews, especially for the house specialty a pale, blonde microbrew
  • Rear patio dining and cocktails during the summer and fall months creates a downtown experience that promoting pedestrian traffic and other retail synergies
Red’s Old 395 Grill
Within the redevelopment district, incentives to help fund development of a 120 seat “theme” restaurant, featuring a train station exterior and a 45 foot water tower. In addition a turn-of-the-century steam roller on the adjacent property was added to create visual appeal. Street abandonment to accommodate the project itself and parking, monitory grants and support through the building approval process comprised redevelopment support. The project converted empty and unsightly downtown property into a dynamic commercial center that not only draws people into the restaurant, but also to adjacent retail and service businesses that generate substantial pedestrian traffic from surrounding hotels and motels.

Project highlights:
  • Abandonment of streets and easements offered opportunity to sustain restaurant and 9 adjacent commercial suites
  • Nationally known tenant restaurant
  • Created 100 new primary jobs
  • Promotes significant pedestrian traffic from nearly 500 State employees within the “traffic” corridor
  • Architectural theme supports and promotes overall historic theme of community, thereby creating marketing synergies

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