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2010 Quad County HazMat Training Activities


Service With Pride, Commitment, and Compassion

The 2010 Quad County HazMat training activities are listed below.


Date Time Location Host
March 15-17  0900-1500 Carson City Fire Dept. Training Facility Carson City Fire Department
June 9 0900-1500 Carson City Fire Dept. Training Facility Central Lyon County Fire Protection District

The June 9 skills session is a make up for non-Carson City Fire Department  personnel.


Date Time Location Host
April 22 0900-1600 To be announced East Fork Fire and Paramedics District
May 26 0900-1600 To be announced Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District
September 18 0900-1600 To be announced Storey County Fire Department
October 14 0900-1600 To be announced Carson City Fire Department

All team technicians must attend 1 skills and 2 drills activities.
HazMat Incident Commanders must attend 1 drill activity.
1% HazMat technicians must attend 1 skills activity.

Team deployment counts as a drill, providing that HazMat functions are set up and entry is made.