• Carson City

    Credit: Sara Bingham

  • Winter Light

    Credit: Gina Lee

  • Nevada Governor's Mansion

    Credit: Tony Dellacioppa

  • Snow Day

    Credit: Alexandra Smith

  • The Glenbrook

    Credit: Albert Depew

  • Proud to be Snow-covered

    Credit: Jayson Berry Hunt

  • Carson River Morning

    Credit: Robert Moore

  • Winter Sunset

    Credit: Steve Ferguson

Special Purpose


Service With Pride, Commitment, and Compassion

We are fortunate to have a variety of special purpose apparatus available to support intricate operations such as confined space rescue, high rise operations, aircraft fire and rescue, and other operations such as special events in Carson City.  Listed below is a quick summary of our special purpose apparatus inventory.  For a larger version of the photo for a particular apparatus, click on the appropriate thumbnail photo.

Squad 1 - click to enlargeVehicle Number: S1

Make: Pierce
Year: 2004
Model: Saber Rescue
Station: 1




HazMat 2 - click to enlargeVehicle Number: HM2

Make: Freightliner
Year: 2005
Model: HazMat Heavy Duty
Station: 2




Truck 1 - click to enlargeVehicle Number: T1

Make: Duplex
Year: 1986
Model: Ladder
Station: 1




Comm 1 - click to enlargeVehicle Number: C2

Make: LDV
Year: 2004
Model: MT55
Station: 2



Air 1 - click to enlargeVehicle Number: Air Unit

Make: Pierce
Year: 2004
Model: Ptr Blt COMM
Station: 1




Utility 1 - click to enlargeVehicle Number: U22-S1

Make: Ford
Year: 1993
Model: F450
Station: 2




cert1.jpgVehicle Number: PREV 5

Make: Chevrolet
Year: 1983
Model: P30 Step Van
Station: 2



specialevents.jpgVehicle Number: Special Events Cart

Make: Cart 1
Station: 2