• Carson City

    Credit: Sara Bingham

  • Winter Light

    Credit: Gina Lee

  • Nevada Governor's Mansion

    Credit: Tony Dellacioppa

  • Snow Day

    Credit: Alexandra Smith

  • The Glenbrook

    Credit: Albert Depew

  • Proud to be Snow-covered

    Credit: Jayson Berry Hunt

  • Carson River Morning

    Credit: Robert Moore

  • Winter Sunset

    Credit: Steve Ferguson

Structure Engines


Service With Pride, Commitment, and Compassion

Our engines are our primary fire fighting apparatus.  These pumpers are designed to handle all types of fires.  We have three first-out engines (E1, E2, and E3) that are staffed with a Fire Captain, Driver Operator, and Firefighter/Paramedic to provide Advanced Life Support.   Listed below is a quick summary of our engine inventory.

Engine 1

Vehicle Number: E1

Make: Pierce
Year: 2007
Model: Pumper
Station: 1




Engine 2Vehicle Number: E2

Make: Pierce
Year: 2007
Model: Pumper
Station: 2




Engine 3Vehicle Number: E3

Make: Pierce
Year: 2002
Model: Pumper
Station: 3



Engine 11Vehicle Number: E11

Make: Freightliner
Year: 1998
Model: FL106
Station: 1




Engine 22Vehicle Number: E22

Year: 1995
Model: T-964-MFD
Station: 2




Engine 33Vehicle Number: E33

Make: Spartan
Year: 1993
Model: S188320
Station: 3