• City Hall Selfie

  • K9 and Kids at 2017 National Night Out

    Credit: Bridget Gordon


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We are dedicated to representing Carson City's professional career fire fighters and emergency medical personnel.  We are affiliated with the Federated Fire Fighters of Nevada, Inc. and the International Association of Fire Fighters.  By effectively overseeing the professional needs of our members we contribute to timely, effective, and efficient fire protection service and pre-hospital emergency medical care.  We support the IAFF in its efforts as a leading force for:

  • passage of heart, lung and other disability laws to protect fire fighters who become ill from on-the-job hazards.
  • creation of important fire fighting health and safety regulations.
  • enactment of federal benefits for the survivors of fire fighters killed or totally disabled in the line of duty.
  • establishing progressive civil service laws in the U.S. and Canada.
  • enhancement of public safety through national standards.
  • improving the levels of training and education for fire and emergency personnel.
  • establishing training programs for hazardous materials emergencies.
  • establishing minimum staffing requirements for fire fighting.