2002 News Clippings

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Service With Pride, Commitment, and Compassion

From time to time articles related to fire safety, emergency medical services, and fire incidents appear in local news publications.  This page lets you read each article.  Simply click on the article title to see the full story.

Click to enlarge - Carson City Firefighter Tim Dehaven puts water on a portion of the back of a house that burned July 29, 2002. The fire spread through the house an damaged the house next door.  Photo credit - Brian Corley/Nevada Appeal(Nevada Appeal, Tuesday, July 30, 2002)  Family loses home in early morning blaze  Discarded barbecue coals are to blame for an early-morning fire in South Carson City that left one family homeless and scorched a neighboring house Monday before being extinguished by firefighters.   Related Photos

Click to enlarge - Carson City Firefighter, Jim White, sprays water on a trailer that burned in South Carson on July 22, 2002. The trailer and all of its items are believed to be a total loss.  Photo credit - Brian Corley/Nevada Appeal(Nevada Appeal, Tuesday, July 23, 2002)  Abandoned trailer burns in desert  An unlicensed trailer caught fire Monday afternoon in a desert area at the intersection of Horatio Road and Clear Creek Avenue.  There were no people or structures near the fire, and firefighters were able to extinguish the flames within minutes.

Click to enlarge - Bryon Hunt, left, installs a car seat properly as Maya Vasquez, 3, looks on July 20, 2002 at Western Nevada Community College.  Photo credit - Brian Corley/Nevada Appeal(Nevada Appeal, Sunday, July 21, 2002)  Fire Department inspects car seats  To help prevent children from being injured or killed in car accidents, Carson City Fire Department inspected car seats and advised parents Saturday on the use of proper child restraints.  The car seat safety inspection checkpoint is one of five the fire department will hold this year.

Click to enlarge - Fire Inspector Duane Lemons walks through the warehouse area of Cavallero Heating and Air Conditioning after a fire ripped through the office areas and caused smoke damage through the rest of the warehouse on June 17, 2002. The fire burned through to the second floor and the roof.  Photo credit Brian Corley/Nevada Appeal(Nevada Appeal, Wednesday, June 22, 2002)  Business shut down after fire  Arson is suspected in an early-morning fire Friday at Cavallero Heating and Air Conditioning. The fire consumed about 30 percent of the building, located at 5441 Highway 50 East.



Click to enlarge - Carson City firefighters extinguished an attic fire on Evan Street on May 16, 2002.  A contractor working in the home accidentally ignited insulation materials which then spread into the attic.  Photo credit Cathleen Allison/Nevada Appeal(Nevada Appeal, Friday, May 17, 2002)  Fire damages Carson City home  A fire in an upstairs bathroom left one man slightly injured and caused about $20,000 in damage to a house at 1513 Evan St. in Carson City.

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