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Care of Your Home After a Fire Strikes

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Serving with pride, commitment, and compassion

Emergency Services

Those who have experienced a fire or other disaster may obtain assistance from the following organizations:



American Red Cross - 24 Hour


Catholic Community Services


Community Homeless Project


Food Closet


Food Emergency - 24 Hour


Friends in Service Helping (FISH)


Salvation Army


Shelter Emergency - 24 Hour


Shelter/Safe Homes



Often the Fire Department will have the utility services shut off as a safety precaution. To re-establish utility services, call:

Utility Service


Cable Television Please refer to The Yellow Pages under CABLE TELEVISION
Electric (Sierra Pacific Power Company) 775-687-2900
Natural Gas (Southwest Gas Corporation) 775-882-2126
Refuse Please refer to The Yellow Pages under GARBAGE COLLECTION
Sewer 775-887-2340
Telephone Please refer to The Yellow Pages under TELEPHONE COMPANIES
Water 775-887-2340

Property Insurance

Contact your insurance company or owner immediately.

Insurance Checklist

Provide your agent with documented items lost in the fire. Make your home checklist now if you don't have one, and include the following:

  • Photographs and descriptions of antiques and jewelry.
  • Replacement costs of lost items.
  • Dates of purchase.

Important Documents

Keep these documents in a safe place. They will speed up your recovery process:

  • Insurance policies
  • Title to deeds, automobile
  • Income tax records
  • Medical records
  • Wills
  • Bank books
  • Birth certificates
  • Credit cards
  • Home checklist

How can you safeguard important documents?

  • Safety deposit box.
  • Install a home vault or approved container. Purchase Underwriters Laboratories (UL) approved FIRE- SAFE or equal container.

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