• Carson City

    Credit: Sara Bingham

  • Winter Light

    Credit: Gina Lee

  • Nevada Governor's Mansion

    Credit: Tony Dellacioppa

  • Snow Day

    Credit: Alexandra Smith

  • The Glenbrook

    Credit: Albert Depew

  • Proud to be Snow-covered

    Credit: Jayson Berry Hunt

  • Carson River Morning

    Credit: Robert Moore

  • Winter Sunset

    Credit: Steve Ferguson

Stop, Drop, and Roll


Serving with pride, commitment, and compassion

Hey kids, and adults too, if your clothes catch on fire immediately Stop where you are, Drop to the ground, place your hands over your face and Roll over and over to smother the flames that are on your clothes.




STOP! drop.gif roll.gif


  • Someone's clothes are on fire!
  • If YOUR clothes catch on fire, "Stop, Drop and Roll!"
  • If your friend's clothes catch on fire, don't let him or her run; yell, "Stop, Drop and Roll!"
  • Once they are down and rolling, you can use a rug, blanket, towel, or other heavy cloth to help put out the flames on their clothes.
  • Get adult help or call 9-1-1 or "O" for operator.
  • Don't hang up until you are told to do so; listen for instructions.

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