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Natural Parks and Open Space

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Ambrose Carson River Natural Area



Ambrose #1


 Ash Canyon Road to Lake Tahoe State Park






Carson River Park


Carson River Park 1



Empire Ranch Trail


Empire Ranch Trail



 Fulstone Wetlands

Fulstone Wetlands #1




Goni Canyon Open Space


Cinderlite #3



Hidden Meadows Trailhead


Hidden Meadows Trailhead



Hidden Meadows Xeriscape Park


Hidden Meadows Xeriscape Park



Horse Creek Ranch


Horse Creek Ranch #3


Lakeview Park 




Linear Park Trail


Linear Park Trail #2




 Lone Mountain Park

Natural Area


Long Ranch Estates Open Space 



Mexican Ditch Trail




Moffat Open Space


Moffat 4




Morgan Mill Road River Access Area






Northridge Linear Park Trail


Northridge Linear #3




Prison Hill Recreation Area


Entrance sign




Riverview Park


Riverview Park #1



Silver Saddle Ranch

Silver Saddle Ranch - view 4


V&T Multi-Use Path