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Carson City Public Works


Sewer Division

Public Works Logo

Carson City Public Works - Sewer Division
3505 Butti Way
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 887-2355

The Sewer Division of Public Works operates and maintains the city’s sewer collection system. This includes preventive and emergency maintenance, line replacement, line extensions and connections, development permitting and inspections.

What you cannot dump into sewers:

  • gasoline
  • oil petroleum-containing waste
  • solvents
  • anti-freeze
  • paints
  • soaps and detergents (including from washing cars)
  • sewage
  • hazardous or toxic chemicals
  • anything that can cause a film, sheen, or discoloration of the water or adjoining shorelines

Tips for taking care of your sewer system:  

  • Do not put grease into your sewer system.  Place leftover grease into a container and allow it to cool and solidify before disposing of it in the garbage.
  • Do not throw non-organic materials, including paper towels, baby wipes, diapers, coffee grounds, dental floss and sanitary napkins into the sink or toilet.  Place them in your garbage instead.
  • Keep tree roots away from your sewer pipes through routine maintenance cleaning schedules.

Utility Billing Information:

Sewer Rates

Storm Water Service Charges

Utility Billing