Canine Unit

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K-9 Group 021414 Deputy Riggin and his dog Tarzan, Deputy Ochsenschlager with his dog Teddy, Deputy Pullen with his dog Rex, and Deputy Surratt with his dog Ary 

The Carson City Sheriff's Office Canine Unit is comprised of one single purpose Narcotic Detection Dog and three dual purpose Patrol/Narcotic Detection Dogs.  They are each paired up with a patrol deputy assigned to the Operations Division.  They were funded by donations from private citizens from the community, a large donation from the Meth Coalition, and a large donation from a private grant.  The canine teams are assigned to specialized patrol vehicles equipped with a modified area made just for the dogs.  The patrol vehicles are equipped with heat alarms to alert the Deputy if the inside of the vehicle is too hot for his partner.

The canine teams are assigned to normal patrol duties and supplement the departments ability to find illegal drugs and suspects. The dogs train on a regular basis in their respective areas and are certified yearly.  The narcotics they are able to detect are marijK-9 Dan & Teddyuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, and ecstasy. They routinely visit the local schools giving presentations and educating children on the dangers of using illegal drugs. They conduct searches of vehicles, buildings, schools, and any other location illegal drugs can be found. The canine teams assist other local agencies with requests for searching for illegal drugs and have been involved in Highway Interdiction of drugs traveling through our community.

Deputy Dan Ochsenschlager is teamed up with "Teddy" a golden Retriever.  Deputy Ochsenschlager started with the Sheriff’s Office in 2001 and worked in Detention before transferring to the Patrol Division. While on patrol he has had the additional duties of a Bicycle Deputy and as a Field Training Officer. He has a Business degree from Arizona State University. "Teddy" joined the department in 2007 and has conducted hundreds of searches. He is a very friendly, high energy dog that is ready to work anytime, even when he gets called out in the middle of the night.

Deputy Jeff Pullen is teamed up with "Rex" a Belgian Malinois.  Deputy Pullen started with the Sheriff's Office in 2001. He has previous law enforcement history with the Nevada Highway Patrol,K-9 Jeff & Rex El Dorado County Sheriff's Office in California, and was an Air Force Security Policeman for several years.  He was a member of our department Gang Unit for four years and was active in the education of young citizens on the dangers of joining a gang.

"Rex" also joined the department in 2012.  He is a very fun, playful, high energy dog that is always ready to work.  Rex is one of two department certified dogs in criminal apprehension, tracking and drug detection.  Rex began his club level training in Holland before being bought by Vohne Liche Kennels and starting his Police Canine training. Since Rex started working he has been used numerous times to search houses and vehicles for illegal narcotics.  Rex has also been deployed in handler protection and criminal apprehension.  When Rex is not working he likes to lay around the house and interact with the kids.

Deputy JimmK-9 Jimmy & Aryy Surratt has been teamed up with K9 "Ary" since 2010.  "Ary" is a 4 year old Belgian Malinios imported from Europe.  "Ary" is a Dual Purpose K9 certified to detect Criminal Suspects and Narcotics.  "Ary" also has the capability of tracking a lost person or criminal suspects. "Ary" is very social and often does demonstrations for the public.  So far since being teamed up together, Deputy Surratt and Ary have conducted hundreds of searches for narcotics and suspects resulting in numerous arrests.  Deputy Surratt and Ary often compete in Police K9 trials against other K9 Teams on the west coast.

Deputy Surratt started with the Sheriff's Office in 2004.  He has previous law enforcement history with the Department of Prisons working in the criminal investigations unit before coming to work with Carson City.  He has raised, trained, and sold field trial and hunting dogs for several years with numerous placements in the sport. 

K-9 Darin & Tarzan

Deputy Darin Riggin is teamed up with Tarzan, a Belgian Malinois.  Deputy Riggin started with the Sheriff's Office in 2007 and worked in Detention before transferring to the Patrol Division.  Tarzan joined the department in 2013 and has conducted hundreds of searches.  He is friendly, high energy dog that loves to work and interact with people.  Tarzan's duties include detection of narcotics, as well as tracking human odor.  Tarzan was born in 2011 and was trained at Vohne Liche Kennels, but he is originally from the Netherlands.