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Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team


The Carson City Sheriff's Office SWAT Program began back in the late seventies with the philosophy that preservation of life in the most extreme circumstances was the number one priority. Enacted to handle the most hazardous of class for service with the highest risk to the community and the most violent of criminal offenders. The program, although titled several different ways throughout the years swat(SORT, CAT, SRT, SWAT) has always performed the same basic tasks and is dedicated to the preservation of life no matter what the situation.

SWAT members undergo a rigorous testing and selection processes and only the most physically fit and mentally disciplined officers are chosen.

They continue with the most extreme and tactical training possible. They must at all times maintain a situational awareness that goes above and beyond common routine law enforcement practices.   The Team Commander, Sgt. Mike Cullen can be reached at (775) 887-2020 ext. 41226.