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GuitarExplain the difference between the Carson City Cultural Commission (CCCC) and the Carson City Arts and Culture Coalition (CCACC)?

The CCCC is an appointed government advisory board made up of separate individuals who volunteer to serve as a voice for all of Carson City in matters regarding arts and culture. They then bring that voice, with advice, to the Board of Supervisors in an effort to coordinate all levels of government resources in ways that simultaneously benefit the cultural community and community at-large. The Commission is subject to the open meeting law and, therefore, cannot meet as a group to discuss and work on issues outside their quarterly meetings.

The CCACC is a group of individual arts and culture entities who are practitioners of the craft – they are the producers of arts and culture expressed, exhibited and available in Carson City. They are made up of private for-profit folks, private not-for-profit folks and public institutions run by the State or City.

Shouldn't the people on the CCACC actually be the members of the Commission?

No. The CCACC should be focused on sticking together and helping each other “practice the craft.” If the grassroots group doesn’t stick together to help each other they loose their valuable partnership synergies, and together they’re much stronger. The Cultural Commission

What is an example of the kinds of things the Commission can accomplish?

  • Select public art.
  • Advise how funds granted from other government or private trusts be spent on the Carson City arts and culture community.
  • Review and evaluate requests for funding from Carson City’s arts and culture community.

NOTE: This is where the Carson City Arts and Culture Coalition might come in … when they request the “commission” consider their recommendations on how certain available government funds be directed toward, say, public buildings or programs that accommodate the needs of the CCACC, the practitioners, of Carson City’s arts and culture community.

How do I know if I’m a good fit to serve on this Commission and what is my time commitment? Clock

  • Be a Carson City resident.
  • Have a broad perspective about arts & culture and understand how that relates to economics, safety, education, etc.
  • Are able to meet quarterly – for approximately 2 – 3 hour meetings.
  • Appreciates and knows something about our unique arts & culture Carson City “story” and the organizations and institutions who express that story.
  • Can be a passionate advocate for arts and culture in Carson City.

When is the next vacancy and who do I contact?

Cultural Commissioners serve staggered terms, meaning one or more Commissioner terms usually expire each December. Go to the Volunteer Opportunities page of the City's website to see current applications being solicited for commission vacancies.


Last updated: 4/15/2013 11:07:43 AM