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Danzan Ryu Jujitsu is a non-aggressive martial art developed by Prof. Henry S. Okazaki in Hawaii in 1930.  These classes will teach the student to use the minimum amount of effort to escape or overpower an aggressive opponent.  They will learn how to fall safely, apply judo / jujitsu throws, striking methods and control techniques in a disciplined manner.

The classes are open to all persons age 6 and older who are physically and emotionally able to engage in rigorous physical exercise.  If there is any question about an individual's physical ability to participate, a doctor’s release may be required.  We especially encourage families to participate in our training. We will not tolerate gang participants nor those not willing to obey our safety rules.  Participants who are engaged in bullying or demonstrate a desire to use this training to intimidate, humiliate or injure others will be terminated from the class.

Shoshin Ryu Nevada Certified Black Belts:   Clyde Zimmerman, Lavina Zimmerman, Jeff Kale, Danny Brewer, Jim Franz, Orion Davis II and Paul Bennetts.  All instructors may not be present at all classes.

$30 per month per INDIVIDUAL
$50 per month per FAMILY (All members must be living in the same dwelling.)
$20 per month per HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT

Please register at
Classes held Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6:00-7:30pm.
A thick quilted Judo Gi is required, but not for the first month ($45 - paid to the instructor.)  Recommended attire: Loose fitting clothes with no denim.
Class held at Carson High School Wrestling Room – Enter through north end by Gym.
Jeff Kale - (775) 297-5704
Clyde Zimmerman -
- Shoshin Ryu Nevada

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