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Mobile Stops

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For more personalized bus stop information, text one of the following stop numbers (e.g., JAC1) to 25252. Currently, it provides the scheduled times for all the buses that serve that particular stop; but soon it will provide the estimated time the bus(es) are actually due to arrive! 

        JAC1 - Downtown Transfer Plaza
        JAC2 - Senior Citizens Center
        JAC3 - Hot Springs & Retail (Walmart)
        JAC4 - College Parkway & Carson (westbound)
        JAC5 - Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center (main entrance)
        JAC6 - College Parkway & Carson (eastbound)
        JAC7 - Winnie & Carson (eastbound)
        JAC8 - Roop & Washington (Library)
        JAC9 - Fleischmann & Mountain (westbound)
        JAC10 - Western Nevada College
JAC11 - Old Hot Springs & Wedco (eastbound)
        JAC12 - Airport & U.S. 50 (southbound)
        JAC13 - Airport & Menlo (southbound)
        JAC14 - Menlo & Airport (westbound)
        JAC15 - Airport & U.S. 50 (northbound)
        JAC16 - Old Hot Springs & Wedco (westbound)
        JAC17 - Mountain & Fleischmann (southbound)
        JAC18 - 10th & Nevada (eastbound)
        JAC19 - Little & Roop (eastbound)
        JAC20 - Colorado & Silver Sage (westbound)
        JAC21 - Koontz & U.S. 395 (westbound)
        JAC22 - Fuji Park
        JAC23 - California & Industrial Park (southbound)
        JAC24 - Little & Stewart (westbound)
        JAC25 - 10th & Curry (westbound)

If you use a particular bus stop often, add the stop number to your Contacts on your mobile phone so you can quickly check when the bus is due to arrive at your stop!

Also, look for the new stickers on these bus stops signs.


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