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Post Date:02/04/2020 3:53 PM

The Carson City Sheriff's Office will be continuing to enforce speeding laws and educate drivers stopped for speeding. Simply stated in Nevada Revised Statute 484B.600, Basic rule for speeding: It is unlawful for any person to drive or operate a vehicle of any kind at a rate of speed greater than that posted by a public authority.

 Several key points to remember about speeding vehicles:

·         You are much more likely to lose control of a vehicle that is speeding.

·         Speeding reduces the effectives of your vehicles safety equipment.

·         When speeding, it will take you longer to stop should you encounter a danger on the roadway.

·         Speeding can cause an increase in the crash severity.

·         Unexpected implications of a speed-related crash can be both economic and psychological.

·         Speeding in school zones carries a greater fine and is not worth the risk.

The few extra seconds you think you are saving are not worth it!  Please remember to drive the speed limit and watch out for pedestrians and other drivers. Please drive safely.

Press Release originator:  Sergeant Mike Cullen


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