• By Albert Depew

Serving our Community

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The Carson City Department of Alternative Sentencing in a proactive law enforcement agency dedicated to reducing recidivism in our community.  We have 15 sworn Law Enforcement Officers and 7 civilian staff members.  In conjunction with the 1st Judicial District Court Bailiff’s and the Carson City Municipal/Judicial Court Marshal’s, we provide essential functions ensuring public safety in and around the courthouse.

We provide supervision to individuals assigned to Misdemeanor Probation, Suspended Sentence Supervision, Court Monitored Sentencing, Bail Condition Releases, Pretrial Release and Presentence Supervision.  Our staff is hands on in reducing recidivism by working with our Felony DUI Diversion Program, Misdemeanor Treatment Court, Mental Health Court, Electronic Monitoring Program and Community Service Program.  To further assist in recidivism, we provide a proactive drug and alcohol testing program to work in conjunction with our on-site lab to obtain accurate results in a timely manner.

Our team is dedicated to building a stronger and safer community to not only the residence of Carson City, but to the residence of the State of Nevada.