• By Albert Depew

Strategic Plan

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Carson City Department of Alternative Sentencing

2019 -2024 Strategic Plan Summary



Vision:  The vision of the Carson City Department of Alternative Sentencing is to reduce recidivism by diligently serving our community.


Mission:  The Carson City Department of Alternative Sentencing fulfills its mission by promoting public safety, providing services to the Court and servicing our communityby assisting in the fair administration of justice through the supervision of criminal offenders and pretrial diversion.



Guiding Principles:  Integrity, Commitment and Honor to our Community


Ø  Public Safety is our priority

Ø  Maintain fiscal stability

Ø  Act with integrity

Ø  Continually challenge ourselves to enhance our knowledge and expertise

Ø  Conduct business with transparency and accountability

Ø  Promote a culture that values diversity, fairness and equality

Ø  Employ evidence-based practices



Strategic Initiatives


Safe Communities


Provide effective probation supervision and Pretrial services to prevent crime and make neighborhoods safe for residents to live, work and play




Ø     Increase public safety though holding offenders accountable


Ø      Link offenders to evidence based rehabilitative services to reduce recidivism


Ø      Partner with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to monitor high risk offenders


Ø      Assisting Pretrial Diverters in successfully following release conditions and completing the court process


Sustainable Environments


Support environments that foster viable, livable communities while bolstering economic growth





Ø      Provide rehabilitative services to offenders to help them become contributing members of their community


Ø     Provide employment assistance to build a stronger workforce through assistance with resume building and locating potential jobs.


Ø      Assist with education building to help further assist with bettering our community and workforce

Healthy Families


Provide a continuum of services to adults and their families






Ø      Assist with education building and housing assistance


Ø      Reduce reliance on incarceration by developing and utilizing community-based alternative sentencing options


Ø      Assist families in achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency through offender assessment and effective case planning

Required Disciplines for Excellence


Ø  Customer Satisfaction

Ø  Fiscal Stability

Ø  Essential infrastructure

Ø  Leadership and Dedication

Ø  Skilled, Adaptable and Diverse Workforce

Ø  Accountability, Transparency and Ethical Conduct

Ø  Continues Improvement and Innovation

Ø  Information Services