• By Albert Depew

Important Dates for Property Owners

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July 1 or before: Business and aircraft personal property declarations are mailed.

July 1: New fiscal year begins.

July 1 - June 15: Filing period for all veterans, disabled veterans, surviving spouses, blind exemptions to be applied to real property for the following fiscal year. Filing for exemptions on personal property may be done at any time.

July 31: All business and airplane personal property declarations should be submitted to the Assessor's Office by this date.

3rd Monday in August: Final day to pay 1st quarterly installment of taxes (plus 10-day grace period).

1st Monday in October: Deadline for filing open space or agricultural assessments. Final day to pay 2nd quarterly installment of taxes (plus 10-day grace period).

November and December: Property Value Assessment Notices mailed to all real property owners sometime in late November. The Tax Roll is published by January 1.

1st Monday in January: Final day to pay 3rd quarterly installment of taxes (plus 10-day grace period).

January 15: Deadline for filing petitions to appeal property values to County Board of Equalization.

January - February: County Board of Equalization meets to hear taxpayer appeals.

February - March: State Board of Equalization meets.

1st Monday in March: Final day to pay 4th quarterly installment of taxes (plus 10-day grace period).

April 15:  Ownership Verification Cards are mailed.  These cards verify which single family residences are owner occupied and which are rental properties.  This will help establish the amount of the cap implemented on the property.

Mid-June:  Exemption Renewal Cards are mailed (Real Property).

End of June:  Exemption vouchers for DMV/Personal Property Cards are mailed.

Mid-July: The Treasurer’s Office mails the Real Property tax bills. These bills are taxes on the property in advance for the fiscal year commencing on July 1.

If you have further questions about the laws that govern the Assessors Office, please call our office at (775) 887-2130.