• By Albert Depew

Administrative Permits

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What is the purpose?

An Administrative Permit is required in order to review proposed uses that have the potential to adversely affect other land uses, transportation, or facilities in the vicinity. 

An Administrative Permit is required for the following cases:

  • A proposed accessory structure pursuant to Title 18 (General Provisions) with a total size greater that 50% and up to 75% of the size of the primary structure.
  • All non-exempt antennas, satellite dishes, and wireless telecommunication identified in CCMC 18.15 (Communication Facilities and Equipment) as requiring an Administrative Permit
  • Restaurant or bank drive-thru windows which face a street or frontage of a parcel

What is the process?

Applications for Administrative Permits may be initiated by the property owner or the property owner's agent and filed with the Planning Division.  Applications shall include a site plan that clearly delineates the location and characteristics of the proposed use.  Applications will not be processed until they are deemed complete by the Planning Division.  Once complete, an Administrative Permit Review Hearing will be scheduled. 

At the review meeting the Hearing Examiner will make necessary findings and render a decision on the application.  The Hearing Examiner may require conditions of approval to eliminate or reduce any adverse effects of the proposed use. The Community Development Director or Hearing Examiner may also choose to refer the application to the Planning Commission for its review and decision prior to rendering a decision on the application.  The applicant will be notified of a decision within 10 days of the meeting.  The decision may be appealed to the Planning Commission by the applicant or any aggrieved party pursuant to Title 18 (Appeals).

For more information please contact the Planning Division at 887-2180.

Administrative Permit application