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Parent Information

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Parent Information

This information is designed to inform you of the procedures for the Carson City Juvenile Probation Department subsequent to your child’s arrest or referral.

Once the office receives your child's paperwork, the Deputy Chief of Probation and Deputy District Attorney can decide the following:

Informal Process

1. You will receive a letter from the assigned probation officer requesting a meeting with you and your child. This is an informal meeting and is an alternative to Court intervention. Should your child admit to the offense(s), consequences may be imposed. If your child chooses to deny the offense, the case will be reviewed with the District Attorney and the Deputy Chief Probation to determine if formal charges will be filed.

2. If formal charges are filed, please refer to the “Formal Process” below.

Formal Process

1. After review by the Probation Office and the District Attorney Office, a Petition will be filed and formal Court proceedings will begin.

2. Once a Petition is filed, you will be advised by mail of the charged offense, the Probation Officer assigned to your child’s case, and the date of the hearing.

Should you have any questions concerning your child’s arrest/citation/referral please contact the Juvenile Court at (775)887-2038 or the Probation Department at (775) 887-2033.