• By Albert Depew

Administrative Division

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The Administrative Division’s mission is to provide for planning, staffing, budgeting, direction, coordination, evaluation, and logistical support of all divisions within the Carson City Fire Department


The Administrative Division provides oversight for all divisions of the department, continuously monitors the effectiveness of current programs, determines future needs of the department, and develops plans of action to achieve departmental goals. This division consists of the Fire Chief, Administrative Assistant, and Office Supervisor. They provide administrative services such as the preparation of payroll, purchasing documents, and the Administrative Division budget; the preparation, compilation, and overview of the department’s yearly budget; the tracking of line item expenditures; management of the department’s fixed asset inventory; maintenance of personnel files; coordination of physical reviews; maintenance of databases; working on special projects; and preparation of departmental reports.


The Administrative Division oversees the preparation of the department’s annual budget and maintains the Fire Department’s Internet web site (www.carsonfire.org) to provide the general public with current information on the department’s organization, mission, functions, and activities; to provide information on fire safety and emergency service; and to provide a means for the general public to interact with the department via the Internet for such things as ambulance service sign-ups, events scheduling, and feedback (suggestions, complaints, etc.).

The Administrative Division processes payroll for 40-hour and three 56-hour shifts, vacation, and sick leave, and maintains active, retired, and volunteer personnel files. The Administrative Division also does all accounts payable and receivables, all purchase requisitions, and inventory management, and inputs data for all divisions in the department with regard to budget line items and expenditures.

The division coordinates and maintains records for volunteer and paid employee physicals as required by the Nevada Revised Statutes, OSHA, and federal regulations dealing with exposures and hazardous materials response. It covers the annual physical with each employee and is the liaison between the department and the provider.

The fire department has a total of 74 full-time employees. The line personnel payroll is one of the most complicated in the city because of the variables created by a 112-hour biweekly (24-hour-a-day) pay schedule. The requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) pay cycles; contractual obligations; additions to regular pay, including acting pay, longevity, educational incentive, holiday pay, hazardous materials, fire investigative assignment pay, overtime, and minimum manning, further complicate the payroll entry into the city computer.

The Administrative Division compiles, facilitates review, and distributes all rules and regulations, general orders, directional memorandums, and standard operating procedures.

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