• By Albert Depew

Fire Prevention Division

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The Fire Prevention Division’s mission is to protect the people, property, and environment in Carson City from the negative effects of fire, hazardous materials, life activities, and other preventable disasters. Our mission remains quite broad and inclusive. When we developed our mission, we intentionally made it quite broad and open-ended. It is meant to focus our efforts on service to our community through the belief that preventing an incident is far better than responding to an occurrence of fire, injury, or hazardous situation that otherwise might be avoided. The mission is global in application, dealing with many different issues that may arise in our daily lives. Our belief is that quality of life is a notion of not only the environment we live in, but also coexisting with that environment in a manner that is safe.


The Fire Prevention Division performs a multitude of tasks designed and intended to reduce the number of fires and other non-specific emergencies that occur in our community. They include fire and life safety surveys in the community, wild land urban interface safety inspections, public education and training in the school district for grades K through three, public education/awareness programs including fire extinguisher training for the business community, counseling of juvenile fire setters, review of construction plans for building construction, fire sprinklers, and major project reviews, inspections for new construction, complaints, and special events, as well as training other divisions of this department with respect to inspections and code enforcement.

The Fire Prevention Division also coordinates the open burning periods during the year. Furthermore, an added program that began in 2001 is the wildland fuel management program. This innovative program is an off shoot of the 2000 National Fire Plan. The National Fire Plan is intended to reduce the wildfire threat while at the same time bolster the defenses necessary to combat wild land fire.

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