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Training Division

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The mission of the Carson City Fire Department (CCFD) Training Division is to evaluate the effectiveness of departmental personnel on a continuous basis, and deliver training that meets all state and federal requirements, and fulfill the stated responsibilities of the Carson City Fire Department.


The division provides training and education for mandated training programs required by local, state, and federal regulations. It also provides and maintains certification for all suppression-related personnel in accordance with OSHA, NFPA, and DMV standards. The Training Division manages and maintains the local Quad-County hazardous materials readiness and the grant process . The Training Division Battalion Chief functions as the representative to the Quad-County Haz-Mat Training Committee for the Carson City Fire Department. The CCFD is responsible to host several joint training sessions with agencies having mutual aid with Carson City. When required, the Training Division also provides incident management training for selected City employees of the Emergency Operations Center. 

Training Division Functions

Career Personnel Support

The Training Division continuously evaluates training needs for the personnel of the CCFD. This is done in close cooperation with the Operations Division to assure that personnel perform as safely and efficiently as possible. Training delivery methods include regularly scheduled procedural refreshers, multi-company drills, multi-agency drills, classroom studies, and professional development programs. This training ensures that Carson City receives competent and professional services.

The station Company Captains are assigned to serve as Field Training Officers (FTOs) and assist the division with the training of shift personnel, the administration of examinations, and the facilitation of drill activities and instruction as needed. Constant changes in federal- and state-mandated training and certification require that this division provide continuous training in areas such as hazardous materials, emergency vehicle operations, firefighter levels 1 and 2, confined space/heavy rescue, and the Quad-County Hazardous Materials Response Team. Recent focus on domestic preparedness concerns has also created a dramatic impact on the delivery of specific training subject matter. Numerous issues have caused the Training Division to enhance training in preparation of response to potential terrorist and multi-victim incidents.

Human Resources and Support Services. Working with the Carson City Human Resource Department, the Training Division Battalion Chief conducts promotional and entry level examinations. These examinations may include structured interviews, written exams, file reviews, practical applications, and physical agility tests.

Volunteer Division Support

The Training Division coordinates course development, training support, and certification for volunteer Warren Engine Company No. 1 line personnel. The division monitors and authorizes Warren Engine Company’s training-related budget expenditures.

Emergency Management Training

The Training/Emergency Management Division Chief functions as an Operations and Branch Section Chief in the event of a major incident and as a liaison with the state of Nevada during large-scale emergencies involving the activation of the Emergency Operations Center.

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