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Service With Pride, Commitment, and Compassion

As stewards of the equipment provided by the generosity of the citizens of Carson City, we take great pride in the appearance and condition of our apparatus and associated equipment.  We go to great lengths to ensure our apparatus is always in a ready-to-roll condition to meet the emergency service needs of our community.  This page and its associated pages are designed to acquaint you with the apparatus we have available to fulfill our mission.  Click on the icons below to check out our apparatus.

Structure Engines

Structure EnginesCarson City Fire Department has six Type I structure fire engines in its fleet.  Each fire station has one first-out active engine and one reserve engine.  These are designed and equipped to respond to fires in buildings and vehicles.  These engines also respond to vehicle accidents and a wide variety of rescue situations.


Brush Engines

Wild Land EnginesCarson City Fire Department has three Type III wildland fire engines in its fleet.  Each fire station has one brush engine designed for brush fires in the wildland urban interface area of Carson City.  These four wheel drive vehicles are equipped to travel across open land and over mountain ranges.



Click here for information on our ambulance fleet.Carson City Fire Department has six ambulances in its fleet. Three ambulances are location at Fire Station 51; two ambulances are located at Fire Station 52; and one ambulance is located at Fire Station 53.


Heavy Rescue Squad

Carson City Fire Department has one of these vehicles.  It is designed and equipped to perform a wide variety of rescues.  The Squad allows us to rescue victims from high rise buildings, trench collapse, confined spaces, and trapped in vehicles; and it assists in lifting, moving, or stablizing objects or vehicles. 


Hazmat Research and Response

Carson City Fire Department responds this vehicle to all hazardous material spills or toxic researches.  It is equipped to perform research on chemicals and provide weather information.  It contains absorbent materials, entry suits, tools, and monitoring equipment. 


Air and Lighting

This vehicle responds to all large fires and special rescues.  It is equipped with scene lighting, a compressor to fill breathing apparatus air cylinders, a wide variety of tools for secene clean up, and food and drinks for long duration incidents. 



RangerThis vehicle is used in the search and rescue of victims in difficult terrain, canyons, and mountains.  It is equipped with a rescue gurney and basic rescue equipment.  It also has a small water tank and pump for small fires. 



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