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Outdoor Activities

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The coming of spring brings another season of outdoor activities. Are you prepared to survive another season of outdoor work and play? We are and are ready to give you some help in planning for a injury free time and reaping the benefits of all the outdoor pleasure that the Sierra Nevada basin is known for. Here are some helpful hints and links to help you:

  • Boaters, shut-off your engine and let it cool before fueling. If your boat has an inboard motor, run your bilge venturi or blowers per the manufacturer's time period prior to starting the motor.
  • Never use lighters, matches, camp stoves or propane powered equipment inside your tent. In campers or trailers with propane equipment, keep a window or the vent cracked open while the equipment is in use.
  • Follow the rules of home while camping and keep those lighters and matches away from children's reach.
  • During electrical storms, stay away from water, trees and power lines.
  • Set up barbecue grills away from houses, trees, tents and campers. A good rule of thumb is, if it will catch fire then stay ten feet away or keep it higher!
  • With your ATV's have a fire extinguisher handy and in good working order. Make certain that all family members know how to use it and where it is located.
  • Don't forget the first-aid kit and any family members required medication.
  • Always douse campfires and charcoal barbecues with water then spread out the coals and cover with dirt. Never leave unattended or allow to burn overnight.
  • Check the depth of the water and for any foreign debris or matter hiding under the surface before taking that first plunge in your favorite swimming hole!
  • Take the time to stretch those muscles before any physical activity. Don't forget to cool down and stretch out afterwards as well.
  • Avoid sunburns by limiting your exposure and or using a good quality sun block lotion.
  • If your hiking take along overnight clothing and additional food. Please familiarize yourself with the area and take a map and compass, or a GPS with you.
  • We hope that you have a great outdoor season and will take the time to play safe and be safe. For more information follow the links we have selected below.

To Find Out More About Outdoor Safety

US Boating Safety Boating  safety information brought to you by the U.S Coast Guard. 

 Wildfire Prevention Summertime Guide to Staying Safe from Fire from the National Fire Protection Association. 

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