• By Albert Depew

Typical Causes of Structure Fires

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By way of keeping you informed, listed below are ten typical causes of structure fires.   Awareness is a key to prevention.  Consider these as you check your home or business.

  1. Short circuit, ground faults.
  2. Combustibles placed too close to heat source.
  3. Unlawful incendiary.
  4. Abandoned, discarded heat source (ashes from cigarettes, fireplace, wood stove placed in combustible material or container.
  5. Equipment unattended.
  6. Failure to clean (creosote in chimney, dryer lint, etc.).
  7. Heat sources too close to combustibles.
  8. Children playing with heat sources.
  9. Installed too close to combustibles.
  10. Accidentally turned on, not turned off.