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Service With Pride, Commitment, and Compassion

Fire Extinguisher Training

Participants are given a class room lecture / video concerning the proper use and selection of fire extinguishers. The participants will then perform in a "hands on" simulation and actually operate an extinguisher on a live fire. The classes are generally taught on site at your facility to enable the greatest participation. We do try to accommodate the participants as best we can.

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week either begins or ends with our Open House activities. Citizens are encouraged and invited to visit any of the city’s fire stations, however the "biggest" demonstrations are at Fire Station 1 on Stewart Street. We have tours, demonstrations, refreshments, handouts and personnel standing by to assist anyone. The open house usually runs mid morning to late afternoon.

Juvenile Fire Setter Program

This program is designed to discover what motivates a child caught playing with matches/fire. The notion is that if we discover the motivation, the appropriate intervention can be planned and implemented. The intervention is usually parental conducted education or professional counseling. There are those times when both intervention means are used. We have had tremendous success with this program in the past.

Learn Not To Burn

This program was originally conducted by the fire dept in the local school district. It was taught in the fifth grade classes at each school. In recent years we have implemented a newer version of the program that is taught by the teachers in the Kindergarten through third grade classes within the school district. The fire safety information and curriculum is incorporated into the basic educational curriculum for the particular grade level.

Life Safety Fire Inspections

These inspections are conducted routinely by the Fire Department and cover the general business sector. Virtually all buildings that may have public allowed into them are inspected for fire safety on a periodic basis. The purpose is to identify hazardous situations, have them corrected and teach the occupants how to avoid poor situations in the future. This same concept is applied to residential property if requested.

Public Contact

This is an opportunity for groups to visit the fire station at a pre-scheduled time to look at apparatus, living areas and meet with fire fighters. This is especially fun for younger children that want to visit the fire station and look at the trucks. We do our best to facilitate a visit for any group. The time schedule can be variable depending on the work assignments that the duty crews have for a particular time.

Senior Fire Safety Classes

Generally this program deals with educating seniors in fire safety as it relates to them. Often as we get older we start to overlook some of the things we did when we were younger, and in some cases create hazards for ourselves. Also, as we get older we can’t accomplish some of the things we used to and as a result we develop less safe practices to accomplish those things we want to do. Senior fire safety identifies those areas and focuses the education on areas of concern to seniors.

Wildland Urban Interface

Carson City is one of the few in the nation and the only local area to have passed a law concerning fire safety in the Wildland Urban Interface areas of our community. The purpose of the law is to direct those living in the wildland interface areas into establishing methods and landscape designs that will dramatically assist in protecting their homes and other property from wild land fires.

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