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Inclusion Policy:

The Carson City Parks and Recreation Department is committed to providing reasonable accommodations and accessibility to all participants. Carson City Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to providing people with and without disabilities the opportunity to participate in recreation and leisure programs together and provide the necessary individual accommodations and support so every individual can benefit equally from recreation experiences. It involves providing resources at the community level which promote equal opportunity and life choices for children with disabilities through which they may positively contribute. People will benefit from being involved in recreation, through supports and other assistance designed to achieve independence through inclusion into the community. Enabling individuals who have disabilities to attain their personal measure of achievement in a safe community recreation environment is a positive goal that we can reach and provide.

 Reasonable modifications to the program are determined and implemented on a case by case basis and may be based on the individual’s assessment(s), the fundamental nature of the program, and the goals for the individual.

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The Completed forms can be returned to that email, faxed to 77-887-2256, or dropped off at the aquatic facility.