• By Albert Depew

Director of Human Resources

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 Melanie Bruketta 

Melanie Bruketta serves as the Director of the Carson City Human Resources Department. She oversees the organizational planning, recruitment, employee relations and compensation of City employees. Bruketta is a longtime Carson City resident; a graduate from Carson High School and the University of Nevada, Reno. Following graduation from the University of Nevada, she attended law school at Gonzaga School of Law. Bruketta returned to Carson City, a community she proudly commends, and joined the District Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor. She was later promoted to Chief Deputy in the Civil Division. Bruketta being well disciplined in employment law, accepted the role as Human Resources Director where she has been serving since 2010. Bruketta has made it her mission to serve the community she adores by ensuring the most adept candidates fill the supportive roles that keep the city progressing. 

All feedback, questions and concerns are greatly appreciated please contact Carson City Human Resources.