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New Employee Orientation Program

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Carson City’s new employee orientation program is designed to help familiarize new hires with the way the City operates and the people they will be working with.

Being the new employee can be stressful at any level of employment. The new employee orientation program was created by Human Resources to help assimilate new employees into Carson City and make the new employees feel welcome. Making new employees feel welcome by answering their questions, showing them how to complete forms and introducing new employees to their co-workers helps to soften the stress involved in starting a new job.

During new employee orientation, Human Resources spends time explaining the City’s strategic plan, vision, mission and values, and explains how the employees are part of making that vision a reality. Orientation also includes a review of workplace policies and instructions for employees to familiarize themselves with all of the City’s policies through PolicyTech. This helps to make new employees feel like part of the City's future. It also helps to preserve the City’s culture as new employees become part of the team.

A primary focus for Human Resources is to ensure attendees understand Carson City’s culture is to value our residents, businesses, and visitors by committing to provide efficient and effective customer service.

New Hire Orientation PowerPoint

Workplace Harassment/ Discrimination Policy and Complaint Form

Complete New Hire Orientation Manual

Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act


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