2019 LIMB & LEAF PICKUP: Due to the overwhelming response to this year's program, pickups will continue into next week until completed. No new requests are being taken at this time. Thank you for helping us keep our city clean!


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  • What happens after my child has been cited or arrested?

  • What are the detention center visiting requirements?

  • What time and day is court held?

  • Where can I get help with my child?

  • Can I bring my child on a tour of Murphy-Bernardini Regional Juvenile Justice Center?

  • What if I refuse to pick up my child from detention?

  • How much does it cost if my child is detained at Murphy-Bernardini Regional Juvenile Justice Center?

  • What happens to my juvenile record?

  • What is the purpose of probation?

  • Why do I have to pick up my child?

  • Are medical services available to my child while in detention?

  • How can my child get a Work Permit?

  • What are status offenses?

  • What is the difference between juvenile and adult court process?

  • My child was found guilty of an offense in Juvenile Court. What is going to happen?

  • How long does probation last?

  • What is emancipation?

  • Can I give up custody of my child?

  • Can I spank my son/daughter?

  • When do I have my son/daughter arrested?

  • My child was arrested and I would like a copy of the police report?

  • Can I request a copy of my juvenile record?