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Juvenile Detention Center

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Murphy-Bernardini Regional Juvenile Detention Center


Carson City Juvenile Detention Center is a secure holding facility for the temporary detention of juvenile offenders. N.R.S. 62B.210 mandates that the facility be “constructed and conducted as nearly like a home as possible.” Within this framework, our mission is twofold:

  • Protecting the community by securely housing juveniles that may be or have been involved in activities injurious to the public; and
  • Providing for the safe and secure detention of juveniles detained within the facility

The Detention Center is incorporated in the Murphy-Bernardini Regional Juvenile Justice Center located at 1545 East Fifth Street, Carson City, Nevada.  Detention capacity is 18 beds in single sleeping rooms. Juvenile housing consists of two wings, one wing 6 single beds and the second wing consisting of 12 single bed units.  The detention facility also contains education, recreation yard with basketball court and a low element ropes course, kitchen/dining, laundry, maintenance, storage, multipurpose room and day rooms in both wings. Surrounding the Detention Center is a fourteen foot chain link fence with wire mesh covering the top four feet.  All of the living units were constructed in compliance with the Federal guidelines for Correctional facilities at the time they were constructed.


The detention center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  After hours and weekend/holiday access to the facility is made thru the public entrance that is monitored by staff.  Personal items must be left in automobiles or in the lockers located in the prerelease room.  The public must be able to pass through the metal detector without alarm prior to gaining admission to the building. 


In addition to the Detention Center, Murphy-Bernardini Regional Juvenile Justice Center also houses court services and offices.  The Probation Division is located at 740 S. Saliman Road.  The detention center serves Carson City, Storey County, several other counties and agencies that have contracts with Carson City.


The goals of the Detention Center are:

  • To provide for the youth's basic needs like shelter, food, clothing, and medical care
  • To protect the rights of juveniles during residence
  • To provide for the educational, physical, emotional, and social needs of detained juveniles
  • To administer programs, rules, discipline, and controls in a firm, fair, and consistent manner
  • To nurture and encourage acceptable behavior

Detention Manager - Ryan Felix
Located at: 1545 East 5th Street, Carson City, NV 89701
Contact us at Ph: (775) 887-2034 Fax: (775) 887-2117