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The Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space department appreciates your willingness to volunteer your time with us! Our department would like to recognize individuals who pick up trash on their own time in our parks and open spaces. To help track all the good you do, we ask that you fill out this simple form to let us know where you are spending your time. 

While we encourage the community to pick up trash in our parks and open spaces, we strongly encourage you to refrain from clearing dead brush, trimming or pruning any vegetation on the trails or pruning trees in our parks. Please let us know of any issues in parks or opens spaces through our Facebook Messenger (Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space) or through the City's app, Carson Connect. 

Pruning and trimming bushes and trees is technical and if done improperly can damage our trees and trails. 

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Thank you for taking time to fill out this form! Our department appreciates your willingness to volunteer. Please keep logging hours, so the Volunteer Coordinator can track hours people are out volunteering on their own time. 


 We are grateful for your efforts and your time. 


Thank you! 

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