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Adopt-A-Park Program

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Welcome to Carson City’s Park, Recreation & Open Space Adopt-A-Park program. Our department is excited to offer this opportunity to the Carson City public. As part of our Adopt-A-Park program, we have five of our smaller parks available for adoption. These parks will be open to families, groups and organizations to adopt. 

Each of our parks are different in terms of what they require for maintenance. Families, groups and organizations will be assigned simple tasks to complete which will help the Parks staff with maintenance of these areas.

Our five parks for adoption are listed in the table below with who is eligible to adopt them, a brief description of activities for each park and number of required clean-ups. Please read over each park and the activities that might be asked of participants. 


Parks for Adoption  Family, Individual, Organization  Activities  Required Number of Clean-Ups
 Riley Circle  Individual   

Trash pick-up, spreading mulch around playground and pulling weeds.

 2 Minimum 
 Sunland Vista Park  Family or Organization  

Trash pick-up,  Raking and mulching of the playground area.

 2-3 Minimum
 Monte Vista  Family   

  Raking playground mulch, pulling weeds in and around playground, removal of damaged tree branches, trash clean-up.

 2 Minimum
 Mayors  Organization

 Pulling weeds, trash pick-up, cleaning out planters  beds in on edge and in park, pruning back of ivy in the fall months, painting of curbs.

 3 Minimum
 Treadway  Family   

Pulling  weeds, specifically dandelions, trash pick-up.

 3 Minimum

Adopt-A-Park participants will be asked to sign a year long Memorandum of Understanding. These are not contracts, but are terms of agreements between our department and the Adopt-A-Park participants.   

We do ask that groups,families and individuals give us one weeks notice before a clean-up to provide our department time to put together the necessary items.


Our department will provide participants with all the necessary tools you will need for a clean-up. We ask that volunteers wear clothes they can get dirty in and weather appropriate clothing.

                     Description of Adopt-A-Park Activities 

                  Trash Pick-Up

Our smaller parks accumulate small amounts of trash. We ask that at each clean-up each organization, family and individual do a sweep to pick up trash.

General litter, not limited to: 

  • Cigarette Butts 
  • Broken Glass 
  • Bottles (Glass and Plastic)
  • Cups (Plastic and Styrofoam)
  • Plastic Bags
  • Food Wrappers
  • Utensils (Plastic & Metal) 
  • Straws
  • Napkins/ Tissues

Animal Waste (i.e. dog waste) is a huge issue at all of our parks. Our department will ask Adopt-A-Park participants to help clean up left behind animal waste. 

We  ask participants who find needles or other bio-hazardous materials (i.e. bloody bandages) to mark their location and alert a Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space employee or non-emergency dispatch.  Our department will properly dispose of hazardous materials. All trash will be collected by our department.

 Removal of Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds occur readily throughout Carson City. The Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space department will provide the tools and training necessary to identify and properly remove the weeds. Several parks have planters that require some maintenance throughout the year. Our department ask volunteers to remove dead debris from planters.  

Some parks may require the removal of downed tree branches. Volunteers will be provided instructions on how to safely remove large downed branches. 

Playground Maintenance

Our playgrounds require mulch to be evened out across the playground.  This simple task helps mulch from building up in certain sections. 


Some of our parks require painting on curbs or buildings. We may ask participants to help us paint. Proper training will be provided, along with the necessary supplies. Participants will be informed before the clean-up if painting will be involved. Please wear appropriate clothing. 


Next Steps

1. Once you have decided which park is right for you, please fill out the application below.

2. Once you have submitted your application, please allow us two weeks to process your application and get back to you.

3.  We will follow-up with you with contact information for the Adopt-A-Park program and attach the Memorandum of Understanding attached in an email.

Trash pick-up,  Raking and mulching of the playground area.
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Adopt-A-Park Application

Welcome to the Adopt-A-Park program with the Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space department. We encourage individuals, organizations and families to apply to adopt one of our smaller parks.

 Please fill out the application below to be eligible for consideration to adopt one of our smaller parks here in Carson City.

Adoptee Contact Information

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Adoptee Email and Phone:

Adopt-A-Park Questions

Please select if you are an organization, individual or family.
Please select if you are an organization, individual or family.
If you are an organization, what is the name of your organization?
In the space below, please tell us why you would like to adopt one of our parks: 
Which park are you interested in adopting?
Which park are you interested in adopting?
Are you willing to commit to a one year park adoption?

The Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space department would like to thank applicants for taking time to fill out this application. Please allow two weeks for our department to process your application and respond to you. If you have any further questions, please contact the Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space Volunteer Coordinator:

Chelsea Kincheloe: ckincheloe@carson.org or call 775.283.7711


  1. To receive a copy of your submission, please fill out your email address below and submit.