Borrowing the CCPROS Community Trailer

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Thank you for your interest in doing a service project with Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space! Our community trailer is meant to be used by the community to help maintain our beautiful parks and open spaces.

Please find our guidelines for borrowing the trailer below.

 Rules and Guidelines: 

  • The trailer will not be available to rent on nationally observed holidays (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Labor Day etc..)
  • The trailer is available to rent Monday- Sunday 8 AM- 7 PM 
  • The trailer is unavailable to rent during the winter months (December-March)  
  • Our department requires you provide us one weeks notice before the date of renting the trailer
  • Individuals under the age of 18 are required to be supervised if using tools from the trailer
  • The group borrowing the trailer is required to fill out an incident report form if first aid is administered and if any other emergency situation arises wherein the paramedics are or other non-emergency dispatch is called  
  • Groups borrowing the trailer are encouraged to note and report illegal activity in the area they are cleaning up.  
  • Groups are responsible for putting items back in the trailer in an organized fashion 
  • Please be kind and considerate to people using the trail or area you are cleaning up. 
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How renting the trailer works:

 1. An interested group fills out the application below. 

 2. Once the application has been submitted and accepted by the Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space Volunteer Coordinator, the trailer will be dropped off at the desired location. The group will complete their project, put everything back where they found it and a Carson City Parks, Recreation & Open Space employee will pick up the trailer. 

 3. Rent the trailer again! 

 Please look at the community trailer rental calendar to see which days the trailer is open before submitting this form.  


Name  Last      MI     First 
Address: Street, City, State, Zip Code 
Preffered phone contact information:  
What is your group proposing to do?   
Date and Time  of Proposed Event 
Which of the items in our trailer are proposing on using? 
Which of the items in our trailer are proposing on using?
How many people do you anticipate participating? 

 Thank you for taking time to fill out this application! We will get back to you within one week of your submission. 




  1. To receive a copy of your submission, please fill out your email address below and submit.