• Homestead Holidays

    By Dan Earp

  • Homestead Holidays

    By Dan Earp

  • Homestead Holidays

    By Dan Earp

Our Civil War Veterans

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Civil War Statue

Dan and Doreen Robinson spent over a year compiling information pertaining to all of the Civil War Veterans buried at Lone Mountain Cemetery and the Ormsby County Poor Farm. They produced a PowerPoint presentation as a result of their dedicated efforts. We are pleased to offer this presentation to you with their permission. Please click on the link below to view this presentation. (Viewing this presentation requires Microsoft PowerPoint. If you don't have PowerPoint installed on your computer, you can download at no charge, the PowerPoint "Viewer" at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=428D5727-43AB-4F24-90B7-A94784AF71A4&displaylang=en )

Civil War Veterans buried in Ormsby County
(PowerPoint presentation)


"Re-interring Nevada's Unknown Dead"
Some of the names listed below were among the approximately 36 to 44 soldiers who were orginally buried at Fort Churchill but later re-interred at Lone Mountain Cemetery on February 16, 1885. If you get the seven pages of information about these Fort Churchill soldiers when you click on a name link, scroll to the last three pages for a listing of these soldiers.

Civil War Soldier Index: (Aikens thru Meyers)

  Aikens, Henry   Clarke, Thomas   Galusha, Charles   Jacks, John
  Atkins, Henry   Clements, Benjamin   Gedney, Samuel   Johnson, James
  Avery, David   Codding, Erastus   Gleaves, Samuel   Kelley, Stewart
  Bartine, H. F.   Commons, Nathaniel   Godfrey, Isaac   Kelly, John
  Bartine, Horace   Connolly, Timothy   Grieve, John   Kitzmeyer, Christian
  Batterman, John   Corcoran, James   Guinan, James   Lee, Simeon    
  Beckstead, John          Crisler, William   Haines, John   Little, Joseph
  Bell, George   Cross, Alfred   Haire, Robert   Lockerman, Henry  
  Benton, James   Cross, Volney   Hall, William G.   Lohr, James
  Billings, James   Dickerson, Gov.   Hark, George   Maish, Calvin
  Bird, John A.   Doane, Jonothan   Hatch, Oliver   Martin, John
  Bouchard, Jacob   Doane, William   Haynie, John   McCoy, William
  Bracklin, C. A.   Douglas, William J.   Haynie, Marcus   McCrimmon, John
  Brown, William   Doyle, Phillip   Hayward, George   McCullough, F. W.
  Brulin, Charles   Elsey, McKee   Heritage, George   McCullough, Frank 
  Budd, Joseph   Fagan, John   Hillyer, Edgar   McDermitt, Charles
  Burke, Samuel   Ford, George F.   Hughes, Daniel   McGeen, Francis
  Burlingame, James   Fowler, Harvey   Hughes, James   Meder, Benjamin
  Burlingame, Jason   Fowler, Thomas   Huquet, John   Meyer, Christopher
  Carpenter, Joseph   Ft. Churchill Soldiers   Hyde, Myron   Meyers, George
  Cilley, John   Fulton, Samuel H.   Hymes, George   Meyers, George

 Civil War Soldier Index: (Mighels thru Zabriskie)

  Mighels, Henry   Robinson, Lafayette   Stotts, William   Whitebread, Godfrey
  Mills, Theodore    Rosser, John    Sullivan, John    Wilcox, Andrew
  Monroe, James   Russell, William   Taylor, Henry H.   Wilcox, George
  Mooney, Gilman   Sabin, George    Taylor, James   Wilcox, Zachary
  Morris, John E.   Sanders, James    Taylor, John   Williams, Charles
  Muller, Victor   Scoville, Squire   Taylor, Thomas   Williams, Ebenezer 
  Newell, Joseph J.   Shrieves, Harrison   Thompson, Benjamin C.   Witherell, C. A.      
  Northway, George   Simpson, Frances   Thompson, Joseph   Woodbury, Oscar
  O'Hare, Michael     Sly, Abraham   Thoroughman, John   Woodruff, Henry 
  Parker, Alonzo    Smith Jr., William    Tilton, John   Yandell, George 
  Potter, David    Smith, Fred         Tully, Michael   Yandle, George
  Purdy, John    Smith, John    Van Oschen, Gilbert   Young, Frank
  Reiche, Charles   Snider, Frederick   Van Ossen, Gilbert   Zabriskie, Elias
  Robbins, Peter   Sternberg, Lee   Vogt, Charles
  Robinson, Keeler    Stocker, DeWitt   Wagner, Peter

Copyright © 2005 by Dan & Doreen Robinson   nevadaties@aol.com
All rights reserved. Presentation, information, and all pictures contained therein used with permission from Dan & Doreen Robinson. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, mechanical or electronic, including recording, photocopy, or any information storage or retrieval system, or used on any other website without permission in writing from the authors except for personal use only.

Two hard copies of this book are in existence. One is in the Lone Mountain Cemetery office, the other is at the Nevada State Library. These volumes may be viewed during business hours. Photocopies, for personal use only, may be made at these locations. The books may not be removed from the premises.


Civil War Information 

Civil War Cannon                                                          Civil War Soldier

The Lone Mountain Cemetery Office Library contains several volumes of compiled information  concerning the various Civil War soldiers who are buried here. This information is available for public viewing, on premises only. A copy machine is available if copies of pages are desired for a nominal fee of $.10 per page. For more information call the cemetery office at 887-2111.