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For General Questions: (775) 887-2262 

Administration Office Carson City Community Center Carson Aquatic Center
3303 Butti Way # 9 851 E. William Street 841 N. Roop Street
Carson City, NV 89706 Carson City, NV 89701 Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 887-2262 (775) 887-2290 (775) 887-2242

Carson City Multi-Purpose
Athletic Center

Lone Mountain Cemetery Park and Event Reservations
1860 Russell Way 1044 Beverly Drive (775) 283-7425
Carson City, NV 89706 Carson City, NV 89706 parksinfo@carson.org
775-887-2339 (775-887-2111


Anderson, BillPark Maintenance WorkerParks, Recreation
Berggren, GreggTrails CoordinatorParks, Recreation(775) 283-7219
Biddle, AllanPark RangerParks, Recreation(775) 283-7348
Botello- Benitez, GilbertoPark Maintenance Worker Parks, Recreation(775) 887-2262
Boyer, LyndseySr. Natural Resource SpecialistParks, Recreation(775) 283-7341
Budge, CPRP, JenniferParks and Recreation DirectorParks, Recreation(775) 283-7345
Burnham, John Park Maintenance WorkerParks, Recreation(775) 887-2262
Carson City Parks, Recreation, and Open Space, Carson City Rifle and Pistol RangeParks, Recreation
Chapman, ScottRecreation Program Manager SportsParks, Recreation(775) 283-7429
Costello, JohnPark RangerParks, Recreation(775) 283-7331
Doran, JohnPark Operations CoordinatorParks(775) 283-7344
Dueñas-Estrella, IsraelPark Maintenance WorkerParks, Recreation(775) 887-2262
Earp, DanRecreation Superintendent Parks, Recreation(775) 283-7422
Freeman, MikeRecreation Program Manager-AquaticsParks, Recreation(775) 283-7351
Griffitts, PaulParks Shop CoordinatorParks, Recreation(775) 283-7338 ext. 7338
Hill, AntoinetteOffice Specialist-CemeteryParks, Recreation(775) 887-2111 ext. 7710
Jennings, TamiRecreation Program Supervisor-AquaticsParks, Recreation(775) 283-7352
Kastens, Dan Parks Operations ManagerParks, Recreation(775) 283-7339
Kennedy, DerrikPark Maintenance WorkerParks, Recreation(775) 887-2262
Kirchoff, KristineRecreation Coordinator - TheaterParks, Recreation(775) 283-7419