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Carson Rifle and Pistol Range 

Location:  4000 Flint Drive in east Carson City near the Landfill



Rifle & Pistol Range Hours

In response to the seasonal transition affecting daylight hours, the Rifle and Pistol Range will temporarily change its hours available for public use to Sundays only , from   8am to 4:30pm starting  November 3, 2019. Daylight hours are beginning to reflect the occurrence of seasonal change. To ensure adequate and safe accommodations for range enthusiasts the range must adopt the new operational hours to hinder activity at night. 

During the temporary hours of operation, the Rifle and Pistol Range will be monitored by your Parks Department Range Coordinator, Park Ranger or Volunteer RSO’s.  The following schedule and guidelines established:  
• Sundays from 8:00am – 4:30pm.
o During Sunday operations the Rifle and Pistol Range will be monitored by the Range Coordinator, Park Ranger or Volunteer RSO’s.
o If the Range Coordinator, Park Ranger or Volunteer RSO is not available during thie timeframe the range will not be open for use.
o Range will be closed during inclement weather conditions
o No Reservations accepted during this time period, first come first serve basis only.

  Location: 4000 Flint Dr. on the South End of Rifle Range Road.

Cost: Free

To become a Range Safety Officer: Email


Group Reservations/Scheduling information:

 Insurance required for group use.

Range Task Force Meeting Agenda Packets 

Range Task Force Meeting August  7, 2019 

Range Task Force Meeting June 5, 2019 

Range Task Force Meeting May 1, 2019

Range Task Force Meeting April 3, 2019 

Range Task Force Meeting February 14, 2019

Range Task Force Meeting January 31, 2019

Range Task Force Member Roster 

Lori Bagwell (Chair) - BOS - Supervisor Ward 3

Brad Bonkowski - BOS - Supervisor Ward 2

Bob Black - Commercial Business Appointee

 Nick Fontanez (Vice Chair) - Appointed By:  Supervisor John Barrett

Sean Giurlani - Appointed  By: Supervisor Stacey Giomi

David Hillis - Appointed By: Carson Rifle & Pistol Club

Carol Howell - Appointed By: Supervisor Lori Bagwell

Aaron Keller - Nevada Department of Wildlife

Steve Robinson - Appointed By: Mayor Crowell

Steve Schuette - Law Enforcement Representative        

Terry Tussey - Appointed By: Supervisor Brad Bonkowski

Carson City Staff Representatives

Jennifer Budge, CPRP - Parks Director

David Navarro - Parks Operations Superintendent

Rick Cooley - Carson City Public Works


More Information/Documents: 


Rifle Range Opening Interim Plan BOS - 6.6.19

Gun Range Individual Waiver - Group Reservations  

Range Task Force Meeting Agenda - Full Agenda Packet

Rifle Range Public Meeting Notes 12.12.18

Rifle Range Milestones

Rifle Range Aerial Photo

Rifle Range Firing Line Map

Rifle Range Topo Map

Range Evaluation Report