• By Albert Depew

Foothill Trail and V&T Single Track

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A Wellness trail

Studies indicate that time spent in nature can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and depression, improve creativity, and promote healing. A health care professional might even "prescribe" walking, or just quiet time in nature, as part of a health care plan. 

Thank you

This trail is the result of a partnership between Carson City and Carson Tahoe Health. Primary funding was through the Carson City Quality of Life Initiative. An easement was generously donated by the Northern Nevada Children's Home in memory of Art Hannafin who was an avid hiker and advocate for Carson City.  This trail would not have been completed with the help of: Volunteers, The Green House Project. Nevada Department of Transportation and Muscle Powered

 Trail Etiquette 

Please respect wildlife, water, private property and the hard work of our volunteer builders by remaining on the trail. Dogs must be on leash within 1/4 of a mile of the greenhouse. 

No CampfireNo FirearmsNo CampfireNo Dirt Bikes