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Prison Hill OHV Recreation Area

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OHV recreation will shift from unmanaged travel to a designated and managed system of OHV trails and open areas.
This change is needed because decades of unmanaged use have created a variety of issues including a proliferation of trails, soil erosion, vegetation loss, private land intrusion, wildlife habitat impacts as well as noise, safety and user conflicts.
Designated routes and areas will be signed, mapped, and provide a high-quality riding experience while mitigating the issues above.

Having sustainable OHV trails and facilities will insure quality recreation opportunities for future generations

OHV Prison Hill Management Plan 


Prison Hill OHV Brochure

Where Can I Ride?

Currently, none of the trails are signed with trail numbers or marked with direction arrows.

Signing will be implemented in Phase 3 of the project. Until then:

• Ride only existing routes
• Crawl only on areas that show evidence of prior use
• Do not trample vegetation
• Creating dust is soil that is lost forever
• Ride Responsibly!

What is Happening Now?

Work has started on a series of projects to improve the trails and facilities at Prison Hill. These projects will take place over the next two years and include:

Phase 1 (2018):
o Site assessment
o Public involvement
o Development of Management Plan

Phase 2 (2019):
o Begin education
o Develop trail & facility concept plans
o Perform trail & facility design
o Develop sign & monitoring plans
o Begin implementation
o Identify & sign the area boundary

Phase 3 (2020):
o Continue education
o Complete implementation which will include: Staging Area improvements, New kiosk, Vault toilet, Quality trails, a Tot Lot, Beginner Area, Rock Crawl & Trials Areas, & a developed Summit Loop

This project is funded in large part by grants from the Nevada OHV Commission and the Recreational Trails Program.