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Driver's Education with Chuck Ayers

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30 Hour Classroom Driver Education Course
Chuck Ayers, BS
Classroom and Behind the Wheel Certified Instructor

BIO: As a Licensed Teacher, Mr. Chuck has completed several college-level courses in Classroom and Behind the Wheel Training at UNLV. He also has this endorsement listed on his teaching license. In addition,  Mr. Chuck has taught this 30-hour Classroom Driver’s Education course the past 9 years as the lead instructor at a local College. He also worked with Great Basin College for 3 years as an online Driver Ed. Instructor.

Course Description
This 30 hour Driver’s Education Class (NAC 389.568) satisfies the requirement for a Nevada Driver’s License. After completing the 30 hour Class, the student will receive a Certification of completion.

Course Expectations
The students are expected to maintain consistent attendance and completion of all assigned work. This course hinges on attendance and completion of all assigned work. The classroom is their workplace. The students are expected to adhere to additional procedures and rules needed for an orderly classroom. Please see the discipline plan( listed at bottom of page). If a student is absent they will be required to attend the next available course to achieve the complete 30 hours needed. If a student is tardy (10-15 minutes) from a class, they will be required to make up the missed class time at the next available time.

Grades are based on 100% point value. No assignments or test are weighted. Their value is adjusted by the total amounts of points possible. Students will take a Pre-Test the first day and a Post-Test the last day. This will show how the student progressed in their learning ability. Each student will take six tests and must average 80% for all six tests to successfully pass the class. Students who do not achieve the required 80% WILL NOT receive a Certificate of Completion.

Discipline Policy
Students are required to turn off cell phones during class time and behave in an orderly fashion. If a student uses a cell the following consequences will apply:
1st time: Student warned
2nd Time: Parent/Guardian notified.
3rd Time: Student removed from class. No Certificate and no refund.

A  student who continues to be disruptive in the classroom may also be removed from class after warning and notification to Parent/ Guardian.

The fee is $50.00 for each session. Sessions are held throughout the year.

 For session dates and to register visit www.carson.org/ccpr

Class times are 8:30 am until 4:30 pm. Please pack a lunch and snacks. You will have a 30-minute lunch break. During the class, you will have guest speakers. 

or the Carson Aquatic Facility (Debit/Credit Card, Check or Cash)