• By Albert Depew

Easy Walk Program/ Easy Bike Program

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Easy Walk/ Easy Hike 

The Easy Walk/ Easy Hike program is ran by Muscle Powered.  They offer four programs:

Easy Walk Program- comprised of weekly Tuesday morning

walks of 1 to 3 miles in length with none or negligible elevation

gain, and frequently on paved or smooth paths. The walks will

usually be of approximately 1 hour in duration.

 Easy Hike Program- consisting of weekly Thursday morning

hikes of between 2 to 4 miles in length, often with some elevation

gain (no more than 500’) and can be on a paved path, smooth

wide trail, or single track. The hikes will usually be of

approximately 1½ hour duration.

Evening Conditioning- Hike consisting of weekly Tuesday

evening hikes of 4 to 6 miles in length with an elevation gain,

sometimes over 500’, and usually on single track trail. The evening

hike will usually be of 1 ½ hour duration or more.

Day Hike Program- consisting of monthly Sunday hikes of 7 miles

or more in length with elevation gain, occasionally over 1,000’, and

usually on single track

trail. Hikes will usually be 4 to 6 hours in

duration and will require participants to bring a lunch.

Visit there website musclepowered.org/calendar/ to see the current schedule.


General Information:

▪ All events are of no cost to participants.

▪ Participants are responsible for their own transportation to the walk or

hike meeting site and the walk/hike leader may request a physician’s

release at their discretion.

▪ All walks/hikes require closed toed

shoes, water. Hats, sunscreen and

walking sticks, and on longer hikes, snacks are recommended.