• By Albert Depew

Jr. Victory Rollers

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Junior Roller Derby League

The Carson Victory Rollers want to ensure that all skaters have the opportunity to live up to their inner potential, which is why the coaching staff and veteran members of this team and other local teams have teamed up to create a junior version of their adult league. This program is open to all genders, ages 10-17 who wish to participate in a contact sport of a different nature. Each member of the junior league coaching staff are background checked by the Carson City Recreation Department and will train junior members in the same capacity as the adult league. All participants will be required to complete the 4 week FreshMeat Off-Skate training program where they will build endurance and strength while learning terminology, rules, and safety. Upon completion, members will graduate to the Junior FreshMeat On-Skate training program where they will learn how to skate, fall, and build minimum skills while learning how to perform safely on roller skates. At the end of the Junior FreshMeat On-Skate training, members will be required to pass the WFTDA minimum skills test in order to graduate to the Junior Veteran team where they will be able to participate in bouts, scrimmages and other activities. 

All members will be responsible for providing their own gear by the end of the 4 week Junior FreshMeat Off-Skate training program, as well as purchase USARS skater insurance in order to begin skating in the On-Skate Junior FreshMeat program. 

 Fees & Requirements:

Gear Required: Roller skates, mouth guard, helmet, knee pads, elbow pads & wrist guards 

USARS Insurance: $55 per the calendar year. Please see https://usars.rsportz.com/ for additional information. 

Monthly Dues: $20 per month per individual. This is an open-enrollment program. Pay as long as you want to play!