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Carson City Public Works

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Utility Billing (Water, Sewer and Storm Water)

Carson City Public Works - Utility Billing
3505 Butti Way 
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 887-2355, Ext. 2 

 Office Hours:  
 Monday thru Friday 
 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


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The Carson City Utility Billing Division maintains records of water consumption, sewer use and payment histories for each utility customer and performs the monthly billing for these services. 

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Rates: Water Rates  |  Sewer Rates  |  Storm Water Service Charges  |  Water Connection Charges

Final Report for Water & Sewer Rate Study (October 2013) 


Utility Billing Regulations:

Carson City Utilities is municipally owned and operated, governed by the rules and regulations set forth in Title 12 of the Carson City Municipal Code. 

Carson City is divided into three billing cycles per month.  We are sorry cycles cannot be changed to accommodate the customer.

Payments:  Customers may pay either by mail or in person at the Utility Collections Division of the Treasurer's Office. Please write your account number on your check and make it payable to Carson City Utilities.  Payments are not accepted at the Public Works office. 

Billings:  All customers must be the owners of the property for which service is established. If the property is a rental, the account shall be established in the property owner's name and billing must go to the property owner.  The owner will be held responsible for payment of all outstanding balances. 

Service Establishment and Re-establishment Charge:  An establishment fee will be billed for each new account or any time service is re-established at an existing location, and will appear on the first or second bill. If service is turned off because of nonpayment, the total balance due plus a reconnection charge must be paid and credit re-established before service will be restored. A lien on the property will be filed for all unpaid accounts. 

Right to Access:  The City shall have the right of access to and from the customer's premises for any purpose connected with the service of water to the customer. Water meter boxes must be kept unobstructed at all times. If we are unable to read your meter(s) because of circumstances beyond our control, we will bill you based upon estimated usage for that billing period. 

Stopping Service:  Please notify us at least one business day in advance of the date you wish service to be disconnected.  Also, please provide us with your new address so we can forward your closing statement and any applicable refunds.

Water Service:  Water meters are read approximately the same time each month and customers are billed on a per thousand gallon use basis (Tgal = thousands of gallons).

Sewer Service:  
        Commercial sewer use charges are based on each thousand gallons of water that registers 
        through the water meter. 

        Residential sewer use charges are a flat monthly rate.

        There is a monthly service charge whether or not any water or sewer is used.

Storm Water Utility:  The storm water utility rate is used to fund many different aspects of Carson City's community-wide program to provide flood protection and information, storm water infrastructure, facility maintenance and water quality protection.  The monthly rate is based on a residential unit, which is then multiplied by a factor for other higher storm water generators.