• By Albert Depew

Carson City Public Works

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New Customers

 City Hall

Dear New Customers,

First let me take a moment to welcome you as a new customer with Carson City Public Works. The Carson City Board of Supervisors values you as a new customer and has Utilities staff available to answer any questions and provide assistance regarding the City's natural resources, water and sewer system, utility billing procedures, recycling program and unfortunate water emergencies that could arise.

Carson City values its natural resources and has implemented a variety of programs for their protection. These programs include:

• Backflow Prevention Program
• Groundwater recharge
• Wellhead protection
• Wastewater reclamation reuse (for irrigation of golf courses, farms, median strips, and sport fields)
• Conjunctive use management of water resources
• Ultra-low flow water use plumbing fixture ordinance
• Three days a week watering

Public Works welcomes your comments and ideas concerning protection of our natural resources.
I have attached answers to "most frequently asked questions" by our customers regarding where does the City's water come from and Carson City's ability to sustain drought periods. Once again, please call Utilities if you would like additional information.

On behalf of Carson City, welcome to our community and please aid us in the protection of our natural resources.


Robert Crowell

Attachment:  Frequently Asked Questions