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Carson City Public Works

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Water Resource Recovery Facility

Carson City Water Resource Recovery Facility
3320 E. Fifth Street
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 887-2355

The Water Resource Recovery Facility is responsible for wastewater reclamation, which includes treating domestic and industrial wastewater, overseeing sewage lift pump stations, laboratory monitoring, testing and recording of EPA compliance requirements, land application and storage sites, plant operations and maintenance.

The Water Resource Recovery Facility is located on the northwest corner of Fairview Drive and E. Fifth Street in Carson City. The facility is authorized under Permit #NEV90008 and NV0023591 by the Division of Environmental Protection for application of treated effluent on various lands for irrigation purposes. The divisions within the Water Resource Recovery structure are: Administration, Operations, Maintenance and Laboratory. The facility is staffed seven days a week, with designated personnel on standby after hours.

Wastewater Treatment & Reuse

The reuse program is an innovative approach to the problem of effluent disposal. The quality of the secondary effluent is accomplished by mechanical treatment, biological treatment, filtration, and disinfection.

During the summer growing and irrigation season, the treated water is pumped from the Plant for irrigation of ranches, golf courses, ball fields, parks and beautification projects. During periods of low irrigation demand, the treated effluent is pumped to the Brunswick Reservoir for storage. The stored effluent is returned to irrigation application points as usage demands.

The reuse of treated effluent for land application saves users money by not having to pay for more complex treatment processes. The usage of effluent water to irrigate recreational areas and ranch lands reduces the need to use potable water and conserves our precious groundwater resources.


The laboratory for the Water Resource Recovery Facility serving the City of Carson City has an excellent reputation for doing precise, accurate analysis. The State of Nevada certified laboratory performs testing for both drinking water and wastewater.


The Water Resource Recovery Facility maintenance personnel perform a wide variety of large equipment overhauls, repairs, and installations. The maintenance staff is responsible for repairs, maintenance, and servicing of all the Water Resource Recovery machinery, buildings and grounds along with effluent reuse pipelines/pump stations and 5 raw sewage lift stations.


The Water Resource Recovery Facility operations personnel perform laboratory and biological analysis to determine the operating characteristics of the Wastewater Plant. The operations staff is responsible for insuring compliance with Permit #NEV90008 issued by the Nevada State Division of Environmental Protection. This is achieved by making plant operational process changes and flow adjustments.


The Administration staff at the facility has a wide variety of responsibilities and expertise. This group is made up of the Public Works Utilities Operations Manager, Environmental Manager and Wastewater Operations Supervisor. These three individuals commonly provide the following services and support to the facility and staff:  

  • Manage and provide direction to all treatment plant personnel
  • Ensure that all staff is properly trained and provide continuing educational opportunities
  • Provide communication to the Public, City of Carson City, all Federal, State, local and regional agencies
  • Coordinate and oversee the design and construction of treatment plant expansion
  • Conduct NDPES discharge permit negotiations for permit compliance
  • Coordinate communications and cooperation between plant staff
  • Develop, analyze and coordinate annual operating budget
  • Provide financial internal controls by reviewing and processing expenditures
  • Perform administration and analysis of cost tracking system
  • Provide clerical and coordination support for all personnel
  • Perform files and records management
  • Provide systems support for all computer equipment, both process control and business applications
  • Develop data base applications specific to plant staff requirements and needs
  • Conduct statistical analysis of scientific data and perform research for facility process optimization and effluent quality concerns
  • Utilize water quality models to predict effects of pollution loads and for TMDL compliance
  • Many numerous other responsibilities associated with the successful management of a 6.9 million gallon per day wastewater treatment facility

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